I don’t like to ask for money. But I also don’t like to sell advertising or use affiliate links at Hip Diggs. This creates a dilemma for operating a minimalist blog. Would you be willing to contribute?

Contribute: Photo of Dan Erickson, Hip Diggs
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I started Hip Diggs to document my own journey into minimalism. It’s not the best business model for an honest minimalist, but money isn’t my first priority. My readers come first.

My goal is to slowly work Hip Diggs into something that will not only help others, but will also provide an income. But there are a few complications with this model. Here’s why: I want to keep my promises to my readers.

1. No Advertising On Hip Diggs

I don’t like advertising. It promotes consumerism. Hip Diggs doesn’t promote consumerism. Will I ever include advertising at Hip Diggs? Maybe. But only if the ads are tastefully designed and lead to products or services that support minimalism.

2. No Affiliate Marketing On Hip Diggs

Officially, I did sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate, but I only use that affiliation in links to my own books. I’ve studied a few of the affiliate programs and I have a problem with them. Most affiliate programs include big-name companies and corporations. I’m not an anti-capitalist, but I’d prefer to support smaller businesses that offer higher-quality products. That’s why I won’t sign up for an affiliate program. Will I ever include affiliate links at Hip Diggs? Only if they’re hand-picked links to businesses and products that support the minimalist lifestyle.

3. No Popups Or Clutter

Popups are annoying. I often leave sites as soon as I see one. I’m not trying to push my message on anyone. I don’t use flashy methods to get you to sign up for my newsletter. I don’t have a cluttered sidebar. Hip Diggs is a simple blog and easy to read. Will I ever use a popup? No. Will I ever add a sidebar? Only if it’s tasteful and adds value to the Hip Diggs experience.

How Does Hip Diggs Make Money?

Honestly, at this time, I don’t make a profit at Hip Diggs. My first three ebooks are free. I don’t push my creative fiction or poetry on this site. I haven’t created any online courses. Will I offer more of my own products in the future? Hopefully so. Future products and services could include more books and ebooks, online courses, and maybe even photography or music. But those things take time. As a single dad with a full time teaching career, my time is limited. ¬†

Do You Value These Qualities In A Blog?

Do you value content without a catch? Is free information and advice on simple living important to you? If it is, would you contribute to help keep Hip Diggs going strong? I’m not going to offer you a bunch of freebies for helping like many bloggers do. My hope is that you’ll help because you believe in the message of minimalism.

If you’d like to see more people turn to simple living instead of consumption-based lifestyles, it’s blogs like Hip Diggs that are paving the way. If you’d like to see people downsizing their homes and belongings so they can be more helpful to others, that’s the message I’m promoting.

When you contribute, your donation will go directly back into the costs of operating a blog. Consider some of the costs that Hip Diggs has:

  • Equipment:¬†Computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras and lighting are all part of the costs of operating a blog. This equipment needs to be updated every so often.
  • Services: Hosting, domain renewal, themes, security, photography, and a variety of other services add up.
  • ¬†Time: If for no other reason, perhaps you would contribute in return for the time I spend working to make Hip Diggs a quality blog. I spend 5-10 hours a week working to keep the basic content updated. Ebooks, courses, and other content add much more time commitment.

Here’s How You Can Contribute

There are three simple ways to contribute:

Thank you for supporting Hip Diggs. Every bit counts.