Guest Posts, Links, & Sharing Policies

Thank you for your interest in writing guest posts for Hip Diggs. I appreciate your passion for simple living and minimalism. Your journey is important.

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I’m Currently Not Accepting Guest Posts


I started Hip Diggs as a personal blog. Hip Diggs follows my own journey to live a simple and minimalist lifestyle. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others and hope that you find value in my messages. Guest posts seem to be in conflict with my personal mission at this time.  

In the past, I’ve operated blogs that included guest posts, but Hip Diggs feels better as a sole-author blog. I appreciate your understanding. 

In the future, exceptions may be made under special circumstances.

Read Before Asking Me To Link To Your Site

I do not promote links that lead to websites that sell products that I don’t personally use or approve.

I receive daily emails asking me to link my articles to other sites. I’ve discovered that the majority of these sites are selling products. 

As a minimalist blogger, I’m very selective about the links I choose to include. If you request that I link to your page, chances are high that I won’t be interested. If I’m not interested, I won’t respond to your email. Please don’t email me repeatedly. 

I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit, but do not have time to respond to everyone who requests a link.

Oh, and I won’t link to sites that use annoying popups.

Feel Free To Share My Work

I don’t copyright any of my work at Hip Diggs. This includes pages, posts, and ebooks. If you want to share parts of articles or entire ebooks, feel free. I would appreciate it if you’d give me credit as the author when you do. Thanks.

I Wish You All Continuing Success

If you have any other questions about guest posts, links, or sharing, please feel free to email me @

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