Personal Touch: Opening The Door To My Home

I’ve been blogging about minimalism and simple living for nearly three years. I’ve told you about my life and how I try to keep things simple. Now I’m going to start showing you, too. Starting today, I’ll be adding more of a personal touch to Hip Diggs.

Personal touch: Photo of Dan Erickson and his daughter Annie in the living room.
Dan & Annie: Photo by Deccio Creative

I’ve been studying and practicing simple living for many years. Still, I’m not perfect. Notice the slight belly pudge in the photo above with my daughter, Annie. I do practice what I preach and I exercise regularly. I try to eat healthy. But I’m human. I still fall short.

Minimalism Should Be More Than Talk

I’ve noticed something about many of the minimalist gurus on the Internet. They talk a lot, but they don’t show you much. I’m not suggesting that they’re trying to trick us. I know guys like Leo Babauta and Joshua Becker are the real deal. But I’ve always wished they’d show me more in pictures.

That’s one reason I’ve decided to start adding a personal touch to Hip Diggs. Starting today, I’ll be adding photos taken by both myself and my friends at Deccio Creative. I’ll include photos of myself, my daughter, and my home. I’ll show you my living space, my kitchen, my bedroom, and even my closets in pictures and and maybe even some videos.

Why The Personal Touch? Why Now?

So if I’ve been blogging nearly three years, why did I wait so long to add this personal touch? That’s a good question.

I want to share more of who I am with you. I want Hip Diggs to be honest and transparent. I also hope that by adding personal photography and video to the blog, you might gain some insight or inspiration for your own minimalist journey

I wanted to work on the basics before I dove into more in-depth photography and maybe videography. I’ve decided to add these elements to Hip Diggs now because it’s part of the natural growth process of both the blog and my personal journey.

What Can You Expect?

I’ll still be using stock photos from sites like Pixabay. But I’ll be rotating more photos of my own into the mix. Not only will I include photos of my own home, I’ll also include some of my own minimalist photography from a variety of other places.

It’s just another way I can serve others while still focusing on my own minimalist life and creative journey. It’s the personal touch. I hope you’ll continue to come along for the ride.

Learn more about happiness and simple living in my free ebook, The Happiness Of Simple. Just click the link below to get started on your own simple-living journey.

The Happiness Of Simple

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    1. It is hard to keep up with. Years ago on my first blog I tried to use all of my own photos. I discovered how much work can go into photography for publishing. That’s why I’ll keep using some stock photos too.

  1. I’ll be happy to see personal pics. Thanks for being so open. My problem with a lot of blogs around minimalism and tiny houses is that are too staged or non-existent. It’s just not real life. Everyone has stuff and I’d like to see the pictures. My favourite is white furniture with kids and pets 🙂 Cheers, Judi

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