Dan Erickson

10 Minimalist Strategies To Live By


If you’ve lived like an average American, you’ve probably always had more than you’ve needed. I’ve purposefully tried to keep my life simple. I spent years without a car. I lived in trailers and studio apartments throughout my twenties and…

14 Simple Foods For Better Health


If you’re like me and most Americans, you struggle with your diet. I’ve been doing better as I get older. I still have my weaknesses. But I stock 14 simple foods for better health in my kitchen. Do you? Photo…

5 Ways To Stop Being Too Busy


To keep our lives and homes in order we need to make time for each other. Communication is a big part of keeping our home life simple. If you want a happy home, don’t be too busy for those around…

Do Less: Say No More Often


As we gain more influence we’re asked to do more. At first it might seem like saying yes is best. We believe that doing more will increase our influence. It’s knowing when to say yes that’s important. Sometimes it’s better to…

5 Reasons To Relax: Inhale Exhale Repeat


Sometimes life gets busy. When life gets busy we often overlook a basic essential: breathing. We go on autopilot and our breath becomes shallow. It’s better to have focused breathing: Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Relax. Photo Credit Have you ever listened…