Dan Erickson

Hip Diggs Top 10 Posts Of 2014


Hip Diggs is a relatively new site. Although the site officially started in January, 2014, it wasn’t until October, 2014, that we found our new look and feel. I wasn’t going to do a “best of” post, but it’s been…

Presence Is My Forever Gift To You


The Beatle’s once sang, “Get back. Get back. Get back to where you once belonged.” Just one question: Where is that? It seems everyone is looking for answers in the past or the future. I look for answers in presence. To…

Give The Simple Gift Of Happiness


I’ve got a gift to give you. You can pass it on. It’s free. Recently, I wrote a book called, The Happiness of Simple: Making Connections Between Happiness, Simplicity & Productivity.  Photo Credit The book teaches you an awesome secret. When you…

How Reading Books Changed My Life


You’ve heard that reading makes you smarter. You’ve heard that reading improves your memory. If you’re a writer, you’ve been told that reading makes you a better writer. These things are all true. But there’s more. Photo Caption I used…

9 Minimalist Hobbies For Everyday People


I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to become a minimalist. It’s been a lifelong journey. Along the way, I’ve found several hobbies that fit the minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist hobbies are everyday hobbies. You don’t have to practice…