6 Arguments For Keeping Your Blog Simple

You’ve seen them. Blogs that are cluttered. Blogs with too many annoying popups. Blogs with complex writing. If you practice simple living and you’re a blogger, this post is for you. Don’t clutter the Internet. Blog simple. 

What Is At The Heart Of Blogging?


The best writing is simple writing. The best blogs are simple blogs. Great writers and bloggers don’t need to impress with flash. They know that simple is best. Do you blog simple?

How many times have you gone to a blog only to be put off by all the gimmicks and advertising? How many times have you become frustrated with a blog’s complex navigation system? There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple.

Often, when we first learn something, we want to impress others with our newfound knowledge. The new drummer likes to show off his or her drum rolls, but can’t keep a simple, steady beat. The new driver wants to drive fast, but lacks the control to drive safe. The new blogger wants to show off their new skills by using too many widgets and plugins. Are you focusing on the wrong skills: power, speed, and flash? There are many reasons to keep your writing and your blog simple. 

6 Ways To Blog Simple

  1. Simple writing is easier to understand: When you keep your writing clear and concise, people will notice. People want to be able to read your posts quickly. They want well-written messages that offer solid advice. Keep your writing simple. Complicated writing will turn readers away.
  2. Simple organization is easier to follow: You might notice that I use a lot of numbered or bulleted lists at Hip Diggs. Lists provide organization for readers. They help readers follow the article quickly. Use simple list-style organization. Unorganized writing will turn readers away. Keep your blog simple.
  3. Simple navigation is easier to navigate: Many blogs have too many pages and not enough guidance. You’ve seen them: blogs with ten parent pages and a couple dozen sub pages. You don’t know where to start. It’s a cluttered mess. Hip Diggs has four pages including an All Posts page to help you quickly scan all of our articles.
  4. Simple layout is easier to view: Find a theme that gives you white space. Readers feel more at ease when you blog simple and cut the clutter. Do you really need a sidebar? Do you really need popups? Stay away from too many widgets and images. Keep your layout simple. Put the emphasis on the content rather than the design.
  5. Simple requests are easier to make: If you want people to do something, it’s easier to ask them to do something simple. I’d like you to read my free ebook: The Happiness Of Simple. I think that free little book has the power to change lives. And what’s better, is that you don’t even have to enter your email to get it. Simple!  
  6. Simple products are easier to sell: In the future, Hip Diggs will offer you a few simple e-courses. No nonsense. No overpriced seminars. No false promises. Just simple e-courses to teach you how to live and blog simple. Keep your blog simple and let your products follow suit.

Remember To Keep It Simple

Complex messages are for academics, lawyers, and philosophers. Complex products are for rocket scientists and technical geeks. Most people want something they can understand easily. If your blog isn’t simple, people will simply click away. If you keep your blog simple, people will be more likely to return. It’s as simple as that.

Would you like to learn more about simple blogging? Learn more here. I can help. If you’d like help in designing a simple, but powerful blog, I have some limited coaching sessions available.

For more information, email me at danerickson@danerickson.net.


James Ewen
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