Can You Help Hip Diggs Out?

I’m a busy guy.  I work full-time, keep my personal/writing blog at, and I’m a single dad.  Keeping up here at has proven to be a challenge I may not be up to.  That’s why I’m asking for a little help.

I appreciate the posts that Kari Scare kindly offered.  She has home-ownership experience and great advice.  But she has a full load too and won’t be able to continue to post in the near future.  I’m a newbie, just learning the ropes.  But my time has been so involved in finishing projects around the house that I have not had time to post about them.  That’s where you can come in:

I’m looking for anyone who would like to write about home-improvement projects.  Or about anything “home” related.  If you would like to offer a post please contact me @  I might also entertain selling the domain if anyone is interested.  Life is too short to try to do too many projects.

So until I find a few interested writers, new posts here may be sparse.  But please take time to scan the older posts and make comments.


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