Two Simple Rules To Exercise Now… Without A Program

Everybody thinks they have to join a gym or start a regular running routine to stay in shape. It’s a lie. There are really only two simple rules for exercise now. 

California Coast: Photo by Dan Erickson

There are hundreds of exercise routines and programs. And you’ve been told that you have to start a routine and stick to it. I’ve even been guilty of suggesting routines.

Routines are okay, but sooner or later you burn out. Then what? You sit on the couch? You stop exercising until you notice you’ve gained 40 pounds. Then you start another routine. You burn out. It’s a cycle.

How To Exercise Without A Program Or Routine

  1. Keep moving: Unless you’re planning on running a marathon or becoming a professional athlete, you don’t need to follow a specific program. Just keep moving. Walk more often. Work in your yard. If you’re taking a road trip, get out and explore. Hike a trail or run on the beach. Just keep moving. Don’t wait. Exercise now.  
  2. Choose variety: Don’t get stuck doing a single type of exercise. That’s a good way to burn out and quit. Try stretching, lifting light weights, or riding a bike. Play tennis, softball, or basketball. It’s okay to join a gym, but don’t make it an absolute. I workout at the gym at the college I teach at, but not all year long. I play outside in the spring and summer. My daughter and I take karate lessons, off and on. Then we try other activities for awhile. The variety keeps us interested in staying in shape. 

It’s Really That Simple: Just Exercise Now!

If you want to stay in shape, you just need to keep moving. To keep a variety of muscles exercised, practice a variety of activities. It’s simple. Exercise now. 

Last year when Annie and I drove to San Francisco, we got a lot of exercise on the beaches we stopped to view. When I went to a conference in NYC recently, I used the stairs to get to my 13th-floor hotel room. Exercise is everywhere. Just keep moving. 

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