Finding Home Wherever You Are: It’s Never Far Away

What is home? Is it a place? Is it a state of mind? Maybe it’s both. Is home physical or emotional? Does the stuff you own help make a home? Is home just a box? Or is it something more? Finding home might be easier than you first think.

During the holiday season we often talk about going home. We pack up our stuff and go back to see the ones we love. We go back to our folk’s house even though we now have a place of our own.

So what is this place we call home? Is it really even a place?

I’ve spent some time researching, reading, and writing about the concept of home. I’ve come to a few conclusions:

Finding Home Is Never Far Away

  1. There is a physical space we label home.
  2. But home is more than just a place. Home includes people, relationships, and memories.
  3. Our true home is within ourselves.

What does this mean? It’s simple. We are always home. No matter where we are. We take home with us. It’s in our hearts. It’s in our minds.

But in order to find our way home, we need to learn to detach from our modern-day concept of home as one specific place. We need to let go of home as a possession. Instead, let home simply be wherever we are. We have to find inner peace. And we can. Even in a world that often feels chaotic and out of control.

So know that even if you’re far away from loved ones this holiday season. Even if you’re traveling to far regions of the world. You’re already home. The key is simply finding home within.

Learn More About Finding Home

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