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In the not-so-distant future, Hip Diggs will be offering a simple online course for members only. Please be patient as we develop this site. In the meantime, take a few moments to visit our main site at hipdiggs.com.

Download a copy of the book: The Happiness of Simple

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We’ll keep you updated on the progress of Hip Diggs – Keepin’ it Simple at our main site: hipdiggs.com.

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Dan Erickson

Dan Erikson is the passionate voice behind Hip Diggs, where he explores the art of living simply and intentionally. With a keen eye for minimalism and its profound impact on our lives, Dan delves into topics ranging from decluttering spaces to decluttering the mind. Drawing from personal experiences and a deep appreciation for the minimalist ethos, he offers readers practical insights and actionable steps to embrace a more meaningful, clutter-free life. When he's not penning down his thoughts on Hip Diggs, Dan enjoys the serenity of nature, reading, and exploring the nuances of simple living in a complex world.

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