5 Reasons To Get Off Your Butt And Get Into Nature

It’s the middle of the winter. You’ve got nothing to do but sit around and watch TV and play video games. You get bored and restless. Other members of your family find you annoying and hard to live with. Does this sound familiar? If so, it’s time to get off your butt and get into nature.

Simple living requires time away from your home, from work, from the daily hustle. Simple living shuns materialism and the overuse of technology. Simple living suggests that you get off your butt and do something active. Simple living pushes us to let go of some of our modern conveniences and take the time to get back to nature.

Nature Is Waiting For You

When was the last time you took a day or a weekend to get off your butt and explore nature? If you find yourself sitting around too much, putting on a few extra pounds, getting bored, nervous, or worried, nature is calling. A trip to the mountains, the river, or the ocean might be just what you need.

It doesn’t really matter what season it is. Any season is good for a trip into the wilderness as long as you’re prepared. There are many benefits to getting out into nature. Not too long ago, Michael Hyatt pointed out that getting outside can make you smarter, stronger, and more spiritual.

There have been loads of studies to support the advantages and health benefits of getting out into nature.

Get Off Your Butt And Take A Hike

  1. Nature helps you get exercise: Unless you stay in the car for the entire trip, getting into nature gets you active. Green exercise gets you walking, breathing fresh air, and climbing. It can be exhilarating. If you don’t get off your butt, there are negative health consequences. 
  2. Nature teaches you life lessons: Have you ever watched animals scurrying through the woods? Have you witnessed the growth of trees? Have you seen death that brings new life? Getting out into nature teaches us about the cycle of life. It’s a great teaching tool for kids, too.
  3. Nature can kill depression: I’ve occasionally found myself feeling down and out. Maybe you have, too. I’ve also struggled with anxiety due to my childhood in a cult. One sure cure for my mental health has always been getting outdoors. I’ve never had to depend on medications. When I feel a little depression or anxiety coming on, I know what to do. You can too. Just get off your butt and take a hike. 
  4. Nature can boost your immunity: Stress can play havoc on your immune system. Getting outdoors relieves stress. The exercise, the fresh air, the calm, it all adds up to help you relax. When you relax, your immune system gets stronger.
  5. Nature gets you closer to God: I’m not a Bible-thumping, verse-quoting Christian. But I do believe in the power of creation. I feel closer to God in the great outdoors than almost anywhere else on Earth. When you see the amazing sights and scenery in nature, how can you not be in awe of its Creator? 

Let’s Go

So if you’ve been feeling down, bored, or anxious, it might be time to get off your butt and get into nature. Whether it’s for a couple hours or a couple days, a trip into the great outdoors might be just what the doctor prescribes. 

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