5 Good Reasons To Get Up Early

Contrary to what some might believe, living simple does not mean living lazy. Most of us who seek more simplicity in our lives are doing so out of a desire to be happier, healthier, and more productive. A big part of simple living is to get up early. What time do you get up?


I Haven’t Always Been An Early Riser

I’ve worked graveyard and swing shift. That’s a different story. Since I started teaching in the late 1990s, to get up early has become the norm. I don’t know if I’m healthy, wealthy, and wise. I don’t know if I’ve gotten the worm. I do know that I get more accomplished.

As a full-time single dad and a full-time college instructor, it’s hard to find the time to write, blog, and create music. My options are limited to mornings and late nights. Occasionally I burn the midnight oil, but more often I choose to get up early.

Most days I get up between 5:00 and 5:30am. It depends upon the news on NPR. If you get up before sunrise on a consistent basis you’ll discover something. You get more done in life. 

5 Reasons To Get Up Early

  1. You get to witness morning’s beauty: Mornings are beautiful. You only get to witness that beauty if you’re up. Watching the sunrise is a liberating feeling. It helps you to feel more alive, ready to face the day. After all, you were there to usher it in. Get up early.
  2. You get quiet time for prayer and meditation: Early mornings are quiet. It’s my most relaxing time of the day. You can make yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee and spend some quiet time just sitting. You might pray. You might meditate. You might read or study your favorite spiritual book. Whatever you choose to do, the quiet time is refreshing and renewing.
  3. You get time to catch up on household chores: As a single parent, it often feels like I’m never caught up. You know what they say: “A woman’s work is never done.” I know that’s true. The daily tasks to keep a household clean and running effectively are overwhelming at times. I can get caught up on little things like laundry, dishes, and trash when I get up early.
  4. You get time to write or blog: By now you might wonder how I get so much content produced. I have four active blogs. I’ve written several books, hundreds of poems, and even more songs. Here’s my secret: I get up early. I usually spend about one hour each morning writing. I spend a second hour in the evening. It adds up. Get up early and get more writing done.
  5. You get time to exercise: I’ll admit that I’ve slacked some in this area. I take my daily walks during my lunch break at work. I also take karate lessons twice per week. I prefer walking or biking to any other form of exercise. It’s hard to leave the house with a sleeping 9-year-old girl in her bedroom. Mornings are a perfect time to do a variety of exercise if it works for you. 

Look Who Else Recommends Getting Up Early

I’m not the only one who recommends that you get up early. Look at these articles from some of the most prominent voices online:

Get up early! You’ll enjoy the most glorious and peaceful time of the day. You’ll have time to reflect and pray. You’ll get more done.

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