In All Things Be Thankful

If you’ve ever followed my other blog,, you know that I write in many genres. I write fiction, poetry, lyrics, and more. So today, as the final post to a 20-post series, I thought I’d finish up with a poem: In All Things Be Thankful.

In all things be thankful, be they bad or good.

For love is always with you, always.

Spring rains and gentle flowers, paper, glass, and wood,

be thankful through the darkest hours.

In all things be thankful, heartbreak, death, and hope.

For time is always with you, always.

Proud moments and disappointments, weddings, funerals, birth,

be thankful for the life, the best, the worst.

In all things be thankful, for God has made them so.

And God is always with you, always.

Heaven’s sky and summer winds, angels, rings, and dust,

be thankful for the love that still begins


* * *

Be Thankful

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 20-post series, an online course without the cost. In the coming weeks I’ll be writing about some topics that didn’t fit within the 10-step challenge. And of course, I’ll continue writing posts that help you to unclutter, slow down, relax, and live the simple life.

I encourage you to be thankful, always. Take a moment, right now, to reflect on the good things in your life. Accept the not-so-good things. Practice gratitude today and every day.

Dan Erickson


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