More Minimalist Music from Anderhill

I shared this over at my main blog,, a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to make sure to give more of my audience the chance to hear my latest electronic music.

Simple living and success don’t always feel synonymous, but they can be. The key is to slow down and relax along your journey. And I have something to help you along the way. A crapton of new relaxing Anderhill music.

Okay, maybe it’s not an official crapton, but in the past few weeks I’ve created at least a dozen new tracks and a handful of new playlists. And although I throw an occasional heavier track into the mix, the majority of Anderhill’s music is peaceful and meditative.

Two All-New Playlists at SoundCloud

First, I have two brand new, all original, 4-song playlists. Three to Fly and The Noise We Make both continue on Anderhill’s experimental musical journey. The songs all contain a healthy dose of ambience and minimalism with subtle melodic structures and a variety of rhythmic elements. On Three to Fly, I experiment with a new feel on the track Featherlight. On The Noise We Make, I return to playing with samples and noise, including the use of binaural tones and road noise.

Check out the tracks below:

Three to Fly

The Noise We Make

Relax, There’s Still a Crapton More

I recently used up my free upload space at SoundCloud. However, before I did, I came up with a cool idea. I created two new playlists that consist mostly of tracks that I’d already posted. That way it didn’t add to the time against my account, but made for some great playlists.

The full-album-length playlists, Ten Drones, and A Little Taste in Your Mouth, both include two brand-new tracks. So along with some of the best Anderhill tracks, you get some new music.

Ten Drones is a compilation of the best drone tracks from Anderhill. The two new tracks Short Mind Waves and Gods and Angels start things out. The rest of the album includes a crapton of relaxing music. It’s great for de-stressing, driving, meditation, and sleep.

A Little Taste in Your Mouth is a compilation of Anderhill’s most liked, played, and downloaded tracks. The album starts and finishes with new cuts, Sound Therapy and A Bird in the Mouth.

The Future of Anderhill

I started Anderhill as an experiment, but both the name and the music have grown on me. So you can expect more from Anderhill in the future. In fact, I’m considering working some of my more traditional styles of songwriting into the Anderhill sound, including some experimentation with lyrics and vocals.

However, I am taking a short break from Anderhill as I get settled into a new living space. Also, as I mentioned, I’m out of upload time. Soon I’ll be upgrading my Anderhill SoundCloud account to Premier status. That will give me unlimited room for new music. It will also allow me to create longer mixes of some of my ambient and drone tracks. And there’s still an Anderhill website coming in the future, too.

So expect more music, perhaps another crapton.

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