Power Washing Your House & Deck

At some point, every home owner needs to power wash the outside of the house along with the deck or patio. Power washing not only helps the house & deck stay looking nice, which helps with the value of the home, but it also helps prevent issues arising from build-up in gutters as well as slows the aging process of the home. To help make power washing successful, consider the following tips from an experienced homeowner of 20+ years.

  1. Do not use bleach as the cleaner. Bleach can discolor deck or siding, and it may damage the power washer. Instead, use recommended deck cleaners.
  2. After mixing the cleaning solution, avoid letting it sit longer than 15 minutes to avoid leaving a residue as it dries.
  3. Avoid power washing on extremely hot days because the solution will dry before being able to rinse.
  4. When power washing a large deck, wash in portions to allow for rinsing before the cleaning solution dries.
  5. Use the 25 or 40 degree spray nozzle to reduce the possibility of damaging the surface you’re cleaning.
  6. When power washing vinyl siding, do not use water above 120 degrees F because it could melt the vinyl siding.
  7. Be careful to not get water behind siding because it could damage insulation or over time damage the wood.
  8. Never use a ladder when power washing because the kick of the pressure could knock you off the ladder.
  9. Remember to power wash the gutters too, but be sure to use a longer sprayer instead of getting on a ladder.
  10. Make sure all outdoor electric outlets are covered & sealed to avoid damaging them with the water.

While you’re tackling the task of power washing your house and deck, consider also power washing your driveway and any fencing too. And no matter what you’re power washing, always remember to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the force of water spray as well as from any flying debris that may come loose while power washing.

When finished power washing, take a step back and enjoy your clean house knowing that not only does it look nice, but you’ve also done your due diligence as a good homeowner to keep your house as valuable an asset as possible.

Kari Scare also blogs at Struggle to Victory.

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