Real Love Is Not A Complicated Thing: A Valentines Day Poem

“Why does love have to be so complicated?” You’ve likely said, thought, or heard someone else say those words. The truth is, real love is not complicated. It’s our romantic visions of love that get in the way. We often build our relationships based on outer appearances rather than real love. Real love is something more.

Real Love

Some say love is a complicated thing,

with twists and turns and diamond rings.

Some say love is a lie that does not exist,

but disappears like fine spring mist.

Some base love on the beauty of skin.

Some treat love as a game to win.

But real love has no bounds, no rules.

There are no kings or queens or fools.

Real love endures from strength within.

It never stops because it never begins.

It’s been there always, since your birth.

There is no measure to count its worth.

It’s far too wide, it’s far too deep,

forever faithful as you laugh and weep.

Real love has no buttons, snaps, or strings.

Real love is not a complicated thing.

Because real love is not a thing at all.

It’s an endless spirit that does not fall.

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James Ewen
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