My Seasons Of Discontent

I might write about a variety of topics that make it seem like I have it all together. But there’s something I don’t talk about much on the blog. I go through my seasons of discontent.

Have you ever felt like you should be doing something different than what you’re doing? Or like you should be living somewhere else than where you’re living? Have you ever longed for change, but you’re not quite sure what it is you’re longing for?

This happens to me at least once or twice each year. I get a yearning for more of something. More of what? I can’t really explain. I’m a college teacher. I love what I do. But sometimes I long to do something else. Something more.

There are days I’d like to sell my house, and most everything else I own, and move to… I’m not sure where. On those days I just want to be anywhere but where I am. I want to do more with my life. Or nothing at all. I’m not sure which. 

These Are My Seasons Of Discontent

Seasons of discontent are something most creative people deal with. We occasionally feel dissatisfied with what we’re doing. Some days, we wonder what our purpose is? We question whether what we’re doing is valuable to anyone, including ourselves. 

It’s the same with minimalism. You start letting things go only to question if you’re doing the right thing. Maybe stuff isn’t so bad after all. Maybe we should enjoy the ride while we’re spinning around on this big planet. We only get one ride. Why not splurge a little?

Hold fast. You’ll get through these times.

During my seasons of discontent, I often feel a little depressed. It feels like life is just repeating itself, like there’s nothing new or exciting. I get up and eat and walk the dog and write and go to work. Repeat.

I feel like I keep saying the same things over and over in my writing. Is there any point in continuing? I could be spending my time in so many other ways. Why do I keep pushing on?

Taking It To The Next Level

Our seasons of discontent serve a purpose. They push us to think, to question, to evaluate what we’re doing. It’s these seasons that ultimately inspire me to attempt to do something greater than I’ve ever done before. They push me to find new ways to live simply and foster change. 

Don’t let a little feeling of dissatisfaction get you down. Life is not a perfect path. There are ups and downs. When you’re at the top, you can’t go any higher. It’s when you’re down in the valley that you can see the path upward.

I’ve decided that I’m going to post a little less often on Hip Diggs for the summer. It will give me the time to search myself and prepare for my next season of adventure. Because after every season of discontent comes a new adventure. So expect a few less posts per month. But know I’m not giving up. I’m just getting ready for the next great step forward.

During this time of regeneration, I’ll likely be working on some other projects: books, music, fitness. I’ll let you know as I go. And I encourage you to work through your own seasons of discontent and reach for new heights.  

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