The Problem Of Trying Too Hard


We all seek happiness. No one sets out to live a miserable life. The problem begins when you falsely believe that happiness comes from something outside of yourself.

Today’s post is a short excerpt from my free ebook, The Happiness Of Simple:

I’m Learning To Be More Happy Everyday

I am not a master of happiness. I am an apprentice. Life is my teacher. I study my own life, the lives of others, and the natural world around me. What I am learning is simple. We find happiness when we let go. 

Many people are unsatisfied with their positions in life. They want a better job. They want more money. They want a sexier body. They want a perfect partner. 

The problem is that these wants become a distraction. When you chase the things you want, you can never truly be satisfied. Because you base your ideal life on unrealistic standards, you will fail to reach your goals.

I Have Been Writing Since I Was A Child

My writing is driven by something internal. Of course, I desire a larger audience, but I’ve discovered something:

When I put the emphasis on gaining more readers and getting more followers, I do not write from the heart. When I try too hard, I am not being the writer I am meant to be. It’s only when I let go of my preconceived ideas of writing success that I find my true voice.


Because when I try too hard, I focus on things I cannot control. That only complicates and confuses my thoughts. When I let go of those complexities, I simply write. It is only then that I find: The Happiness of Simple.

Take Action: Can you enjoy a simple process such as writing, reading, gardening, or cooking? Can you do something simple without preconceived expectations? Do something simple today. Focus on the process rather than the outcome.

To learn more about finding happiness through the simple acts of doing rather than the expected outcomes of those acts, read my free ebook, The Happiness Of Simple.


James Ewen
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