The Value of Friends and Neighbors: Roger That

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All was good, or so I thought.  Then I wandered out back to see the two backyard spigots running full pressure.  When I tried to turn them off nothing happened.  Water came out when they were on.  Water came out when they were off.  I knew that the washers likely needed to be replaced.  What I didn’t know, was where to find the master valve for my irrigation.

So I called a friend, Roger, who has dealt with these sorts of things more than I have.  He drove over to my house and together we searched the yard high and low.  Nothing.  Then we noted that the neighbors’ valves were just along the back fence line.  That’s where my mess of ivy grows.  Next to the ivy was a big pile of debris I had created last fall.  I started moving the debris.  Roger started looking through the ivy.

Just about that time, the neighbor from across the street came over.  Believe it or not, his name is Roger, too.  Now, I have to tell you something about this guy.  He’s a cancer survivor.  He’s been in remission, but was recently diagnosed and put back on treatment.  He’s also a former contractor and I think he has just about every tool known to man.  He still works around his house and on his vehicles with vigor.

The neighbor knew right where the master valve was.  After we located the valve he said, “Hold on, I’ll be right back with the key.”  Not only did he bring the key, he brought over a couple of pipe wrenches, faucets, and some plumbing tape.  He immediately shut off the water and removed and replaced the first faucet.  It took him about five minutes.  The second faucet had a bigger problem.  The pipe threading was rusting out.  “Hold on,” Roger the neighbor said, “I’ll be right back.”  He came back with what looked like an even bigger pipe wrench.  He went to work quickly and within another five minutes the rusty threads were replaced by brand new threads.  He replaced the faucet and it was done.

Roger and I looked at Roger the neighbor with awe.  “Thanks,” I said.  “What can I do to repay you.”

“Well,” Roger the neighbor said, “There’s a place called Wellness House down in the old medical district.  You can give them some money.  Talk to Eunice.”

Roger the neighbor went home.  My friend Roger and I talked about lawn fertilizing and using Round-Up on the ivy for a few minutes.  He said he had a large supply of both and would give me what I needed.  That’s something I’ll be getting done real soon.  Then the other Roger left and I went on with life.

The lesson learned here is grand.  Never underestimate the value of your friends and neighbors.  There are many good people in this world.  As a new homeowner, I’m thankful for the people that are willing to take a few moments out of their day to help me out.

Make a point to get to know your neighbors.  Be kind and friendly.  You never know when you might need a helping hand.  And always remember to be grateful for the help you receive from friends and neighbors.

I’ll be making a donation to Wellness House this payday.

You can Roger, Roger that.

Question: Have you had help from friends and neighbors?  Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.


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