50 Ways To Make Life More Simple

Simple living is in the little things that we do and choose not to do. We make choices each day. Those choices can make our lives more simple or they can add complexity. I choose to simplify. Today’s post includes 50 Ways To Make Life More Simple.

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Daily habits go a long way in keeping life simple. It’s when we let ourselves get behind on essentials that life gets complicated. It’s when we choose to do too many non-essentials that life gets overwhelming.

When we choose to do the essential and refuse the excess, life becomes more peaceful. Some of the items on the list have links to more in-depth articles. You can expect new posts on some of the other items in the future. 

50 Ways To Simplify Life

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Get up at the same time each morning.
  3. Drink a large glass of water when you get up.
  4. Have a morning routine.
  5. Keep your kitchen clean.
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  7. Relax with a morning cup of coffee or tea.
  8. Say a morning prayer.
  9. Read something inspirational.
  10. Give yourself plenty of time to get to work.
  11. Take short breaks at work.
  12. Pack and eat healthy snacks.
  13. Take a walk during your lunch break.
  14. Enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee or tea.
  15. Take a short afternoon nap.
  16. Eat a healthy evening meal.
  17. Spend evening time with your family.
  18. Play games.
  19. Read a good story.
  20. Learn a foreign language.
  21. Read to learn something new.
  22. Go to the park.
  23. Don’t eat after 8pm.
  24. Limit TV, computer, tablet screen time.
  25. Get to bed by 10pm.
  26. Have a consistent bedtime.
  27. Drink a glass of water before bed.
  28. Have an occasional glass of wine or beer.
  29. Avoid hard alcohol.
  30. Don’t use drugs.
  31. Keep your home neat.
  32. Keep your yard neat.
  33. Plant a garden.
  34. Don’t buy what you don’t need.
  35. Stop using credit cards.
  36. Unplug your Internet by 9pm.
  37. Unplug for the weekend.
  38. Write and face your fears.
  39. Write and build your hopes.
  40. Play music in your home.
  41. Practice three simple hobbies.
  42. Get a pet.
  43. Travel.
  44. Go for hikes in nature.
  45. Spend time with family.
  46. Build relationships, not possessions.
  47. Pray and meditate.
  48. Focus on essentials.
  49. Give away what you don’t need.
  50. Stop worrying.

I could add more to this list, but I believe you understand the point. I encourage you to make your own list of 50 ways to make life more simple.

Simple Living Is A Daily Choice

I encourage you to put your focus on the things that are essential to you. Less can truly lead to more. You can find happiness in the simple things: in a cup of coffee, a song, a few hours of gardening. 

Keeping your house clean also keeps life more simple. For practical cleaning tips, check out The Cleanup Queen.

If you’d like to learn more about how happiness grows from simple living, please take a little time to read my free ebook, The Happiness Of Simple. There’s no signup required. Just click on the link below:

The Happiness Of Simple

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  1. Your 50 are all great way to simplify. Although, I am not as uptight about a clean and organized home as I was when I was younger; if my house is messy, I can’t concentrate.

    1. Thanks, Liz. I can let things go a little. A slight “lived-in look” is comfortable, but as soon as it starts to feel like it’s building up, I tackle it. I find the act of cleaning itself to be something that brings contentment. Sometimes the process is just as satisfying as the results.

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