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Are you ready to simplify your life? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Hip Diggs offers a free course on simple living. There’s no sign up, no gimmicks, just a free course.

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If you’d like to start living more simply, this free course on simple living will get you started. One reason people fail at trying to live more simply is that they don’t create new habits.

This course will help you create new simple-living habits. Hip Diggs’ offers 20 lessons absolutely free. Still, it takes commitment.  

Why A Free Course On Simple Living?

Let me explain. I’ve been considering developing a paid course for some time. I still might. But a friend gave me free access to another simple-living blog’s paid course. When I saw how the course was organized, I thought to myself, “I can do something like that as basic blog posts.” So I did. It’s now a free course to you.

This free course is based of my original post at Hip Diggs: Take The Ten Step Challenge To Simple Living. There are ten topics, ranging from uncluttering to limiting technology. Each topic includes two weekly lessons. I invite you to start the free course today!

How Is The Course Different From Basic Posts?

You might be wondering how these 20 blog posts are any different from my other posts. It’s simple. These are lessons.

  • Lessons include discussion about specific problems.
  • Each lesson includes three researched links for further study.
  • Lessons include questions and action prompts.
  • Discussion in the comments area is encouraged. 

Learn more about the free course here: Ten Steps To Simple Living: A Free Blog Course.

My eBook, Finding Our Way Back Home: Reclaiming A Sense Of Peace In A Chaotic World makes a great companion to the course. It’s only $1.99 at Amazon.


  1. Analyzing The Mindset Behind Clutter
  2. 5 Simple Steps To Reduce Clutter
  3. 3 Reasons You Need More Downtime In Your Life
  4. Keep Calm And Practice Relaxation Today
  5. Make Space For Those In-Between Places
  6. 4 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid
  7. America: Addicted To Fast Food And Sugar
  8. 5 Quick And Healthy Foods To Eat On The Go
  9. Slacked? Three Steps To Get Back On The Track To Fitness
  10. Walking And Biking: Save Money And Get In Shape
  11. Less Screen Time Equals More Dream Time

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new lessons.

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