From Games To Bookstores: The Future Is Wide Open

A couple of weeks ago I announced that Hip Diggs will not be creating an online course for 2017. So what will Hip Diggs be doing other than publishing consistent, high-quality content? Games? Contests? A bookstore? I’m glad you asked. I have a couple of ideas, but I wanted to run them by you first.

man-798989_1920 From Games To Bookstores: Photo of an old man playing a board game.

Finding The Right Balance

If you want to learn why I decided to cancel the online course, click here. The short of it is this: I’m trying to keep Hip Diggs and my own life simple. Everything I take on adds more to my plate. One promise I made early on at Hip Diggs was to practice what I preach. Starting an online course feels like it could become too much at this time. 

Still, I want Hip Diggs to become a site that can be more helpful to more people who are trying to simplify their lives. So I’ve been brainstorming ideas. I’ve come up with four possibilities.

Let The Games Begin

  1. Become a multiple-author blog: I get several requests each month from writers who want to offer guest posts for Hip Diggs. So far, I’ve said, “No.” I like the simplicity of being a sole-author blog. It keeps things consistent. Still, I won’t disregard the idea completely. In fact, if you’ve already established your name in the area of simple living or minimalism, feel free to contact me about the possibilities of writing a post for Hip Diggs.  
  2. Start an Amazon bookstore: I’m going to level with you. I don’t make a dime from operating this site. I don’t advertise. I don’t use affiliates. I don’t sell products. I operate Hip Diggs because I believe in spreading the idea of simple living. However, I would like to create some residual income at Hip Diggs in the future. Becoming an Amazon affiliate would allow me to pick and choose books and products that promote simple living and minimalism. Sounds like a win-win to me.
  3. Have regular contests: I used to give away books on my blog a few years ago. I enjoyed that. Later this year I’ll be publishing a new ebook called, Finding Our Way Back Home: Reclaiming A Sense Of Peace In A Chaotic World. I’ve already written a few free ebooks. This time, I’ll be charging a small price: $1.99. I could work with Amazon to create a contest to give away copies. That might be fun.    
  4. Create games that encourage simple living: I’ve occasionally questioned The Minimalists for turning minimalism into a game. Will games have any kind of lasting effect on those who play them? Or will people get rid of 100 things just to go out and buy more? I’m not sure I have a solid answer to that question. But anything that gets people thinking about simple living must be a good thing. I’ll be considering creating some minimalist games for 2017.

Your Turn: What Would You Like To See At Hip Diggs

I’ve also toyed with the idea of starting a podcast or video series. Again, those both feel like pretty big tasks. I have to keep my own core values in mind. I want to keep my own life simple. Still, I’m open to ideas.

What do you think? What would you like to see happen at Hip Diggs in the near future? Games? Contests? A bookstore? A podcast? I appreciate your input. Would you please take a minute to leave a comment below?

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  1. Update: Since I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, my 11-year-old daughter, Annie came up with an alternate idea to a course. She was quite ingenious.

    Annie suggested a monthly calendar with daily prompts for simplifying your life. Take that one step further and use the same monthly topics that I’d originally created for the course. It will actually become kind of a mini, precursor to a complete video course. This calendar is something I’m highly considering for 2017. It would also be a much less expensive option for community members.

  2. Here’s my two cents: I prefer sole-author blogs for the consistency. That said, I understand you might want to take some time off and having guest authors can allow you to do that while still maintaining your posting schedule. I tend to just quickly scan “guest posts”. What originally drew me to your site is that you write about dealing with “inner” clutter. Not many authors touch that stuff.
    I appreciate appreciate why many bloggers use affiliates. (Please no flashing boxes or pop-ups – I love the calmness of your site.) Go ahead if it would be helpful. Personally, living outside the U.S., I don’t buy things online because of the exchange rate my credit card company exacts.
    Games can be fun. I have participated the The Minimalists’ game. It was an interesting process. (I haven’t replaced anything. 🙂 ) I like your daughter’s idea of daily prompts.
    Hope this helps. Although I’m not one to comment, I read your blog faithfully.
    All the best.

    1. Hi Sheila, so you’re the one who reads my blog. 😉 I tend to agree about a sole-author blog. I think the only guest posts I might ever consider would be from those who have a much more established name in the topic.

      Don’t worry. I will never have popups or flashing boxes. I really dislike those things. I’d be hesitant to even add a sidebar. If I create a store, it would likely be on the subdomain I have for this site. But I’d still keep that simple, too.

      Thanks for the feedback about the “inner” clutter. I think that is an often overlooked topic. I also wonder if some people remove outer clutter without dealing with the roots of the problem. That, like all addictions, could lead to relapse.

      I think games could be part of the calendar system. That system would also be a first step toward the possible full online course.

      As a single dad with a full-time job, I have to limit the time I spend developing this site. But I also love what I do here. It’s easy to get ahead of myself. I’ll just keep doing a bit at a time. Thank you for continuing to read the blog.

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