Most Read Posts Of 2016 And What It Means For Hip Diggs

We’re wrapping up another year. Each year I like to study what posts did the best at Hip Diggs. I also like to see where people are visiting from. Today, I’d like to share the most read posts of 2016.

Most read posts of 2016: Photo of bench looking out at frozen lake.

I like to reflect back on Hip Diggs’ progress. This year, I watched the daily blog traffic nearly double in the last two months of the year. That’s great news, but increased traffic alone doesn’t tell me much.

I study the most read posts so that I can see what people want to read. I study the places where people come from, so I know more about my audience. I’ve always found statistics and demographics interesting. Let’s review: 

The 10 Most Read Posts Of 2016

  1. 12 Steps To Creating A Minimalist Home
  2. 5 Reasons The Tiny House Movement Is Doomed To Fail: And 5 Things We Can Do About It
  3. 20 Household Items Most People Have That They Don’t Really Need: A Readers’ Survey
  4. Take The 10 Step Challenge To Simple Living
  5. 9 Minimalist Hobbies For Everyday People
  6. A Minimalist View On The Value Of Time
  7. 7 Spring Cleaning Secrets: Are You Ready To Clear The Clutter?
  8. 9 Reasons To Stop Collecting Stuff
  9. 10 Minimalist Strategies To Live By
  10. Unclutter Your Space, Unclutter Your Life

What I Can Learn From This List

  1. My Audience Loves Minimalism: I’ve written many posts about other topics. I include posts about productivity, reading, healthy habits, writing, and more at Hip Diggs. But the most read posts are always focused around minimalism, simple living, and decluttering.
  2. I’m Getting Better With SEO: If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s just an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Most of these posts come up near the top when you do a Google search. It’s taken a couple of years to learn how to make that happen.
  3. People Love Classics: Only two of the most read posts were written in 2016. The other 8 of the 10 are posts that have gained momentum over time.
  4. People Love Numbered Lists: 8 of 10 of these posts are numbered-list posts. Personally, I wish a few more of my essay-style posts made the list. I prefer to write those over numbered lists. But if it works, it works.

Top 10 Locations For 2016

Knowing where people are coming from can help me learn what markets are interested in the topics I write about. Hip Diggs draws a worldwide audience. Here are the cities where people are most often visiting from:

  1. London
  2. Sydney
  3. Chicago
  4. Melbourne
  5. New York
  6. Brisbane
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Seattle
  9. Southend-On-Sea
  10. Atlanta

What I found interesting about this list is that it contradicts my top country. Based on this list, you might think I get more visits from England or Australia. But the United States is my #1 audience overall.

No matter where you’re coming from, I want to share my appreciation. Thank you for visiting Hip Diggs. I hope you’ll keep coming back. My goal is to continue to write articles to help you live a simple and healthy life.

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  1. I do like essay articles better, but there is something about listicles that draws me in. I wish I wasn’t so likely to click when it is a list, but I am.

  2. The list articles draw me in too, though I like your “essay” articles. Maybe it’s because a numbered list seems to promise distilled, focused ideas/information (appeals to the minimalist in me). I appreciate all your work, and will continue to visit regularly. Happy new year!

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