Nothing Or Everything?

Occasionally, I like to write a creative piece at Hip Diggs. If you’ve been over to my personal blog at, you know I write fiction, poetry, and music. Today’s post is a poem contemplating two extremes: Nothing Or Everything?

mar-1203345_1920 Nothing or Everything: B&W photo of a man on bench looking out at the ocean

Nothing Or Everything

One wish with the flip of a coin: 

Nothing or everything?

Which would you choose?

Heads you win.

Tails you lose.

The minimalist’s goal is to die

with nothing, empty of all

material belongings: 


But what of your soul?

Where does it go?

Into the great abyss?

Or does heaven wait for those

who practice deprivation?

Perhaps, the ones who let everything go 

will receive the same:


Nothing or everything?

I will not choose.

For these are simply two sides

to the same coin.

* * *

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