Simple Is As Simple Does

When I was younger I had great expectations and dreams. I wanted to be a rock and roll star. I envisioned fancy mansions, cars, lots of exotic travel, and millions of dollars in the bank. It took awhile to get to simple is as simple does.

Simple is as simple does: Photo of half plant in right side of shot.

As a creative writer I like to post an occasional poem at Hip Diggs. I’m going to base this one, Simple Is As Simple Does, from my experience with the changes that led to living a more minimalist lifestyle.

Simple Is As Simple Does

I wanted it all, the fortune and fame,

money, cars, airplanes, and guitars.

I saw myself on the stage, everyone

cheering me on. But simple is

as simple does.

I lived in a trailer, worked like a dog,

to get to the top. Packed my bags

for Nashville, Tennessee. My tune had

changed, but the dream remained.

Oh, simple is as simple does.

I went off to school, got a degree

in talking on the radio. Could still

make that million yet. Visions of luxurious

things still dancing in my head.

Still, simple is as simple does.

I got married, bought some stuff, filled

the house, moved a couple of times,

discovered I was getting weighed down.

Simple is as simple does.

I found life getting more complicated,

kids, car payments, mortgages, cell phones,

stuff, more stuff, and more stuff still.

I started to think, “what’s the point?”

Life was easier in a trailer, working at

a minimart. So I started getting smart.

Simple is as simple does.

Now I’m saving money, energy, and time.

Living with less and looking to climb

further down the ladder that I started up

with a dream so long ago. 

I think of what life is and what life was.

Simple is as simple does.

* * *

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