14 Simple Foods For Better Health

If you’re like me and most Americans, you struggle with your diet. I’ve been doing better as I get older. I still have my weaknesses. But I stock 14 simple foods for better health in my kitchen. Do you?

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Back in August, I traveled to St. Louis with my daughter. We ate out too much. It’s time to get back to the 14 simple foods.

Are You Eating Too Much Fast Food?

Eating out can become a habit that’s hard to break. Since returning, it’s been hard to get back to healthy eating. I’ve had too much pizza and too little nutrition. I’m ready to make a promise to get back to eating healthy. Are you? It starts with these 14 simple foods.

Last winter, I watched several food documentaries: Food Inc., Super Size Me, Forks Over Knives, Sugar: The Bitter Truth and more. It’s scary. We’ve become a nation that eats mostly processed foods. But there’s a simple solution. Eat whole.

I already have most of the foods I need for healthy eating in my cupboards. The staples of nutritious foods are whole foods: grains, beans, nuts. They’re easy to store and easy to cook.  Add fruits, vegetables and a little meat and dairy and you’re on your way to better eating. Here are the 14 simple foods I always stock in my kitchen.

14 Simple Foods

  1. Oatmeal: This is number one on my list of 14 simple foods. Oatmeal is easy to cook. It’s inexpensive. You can add nuts, berries and a dash of honey or raw sugar to make it more tasty. And it fills you up.   
  2. Brown Rice: Similar to oatmeal, brown rice is inexpensive and easy to cook. You can prepare brown rice with a variety of vegetables and meats. Look for California brown rice to limit arsenic intake. 
  3. Black Beans: Black beans go perfect with rice. Buy bulk and soak your beans overnight for best results. I make a good black bean chili.
  4. Nuts and Seeds: My favorites are cashews, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and flaxseed. Nuts and seeds go great on oatmeal or salads. Make sure to grind your flaxseed for maximum health benefit. 
  5. Berries: Blueberries are one of my favorites of the 14 simple foods. I picked about ten pounds of blueberries in August and froze them. They go great on my morning oatmeal. Strawberries are a close second.
  6. Bananas: A quick, easy and nutritious snack. I try to eat a banana every morning when I get up. I also make a point to drink a big glass of water in the morning.
  7. Apples: Another simple snack. Apples are easy to grab on the go. They’re perfect for putting in your lunchbox. And you know the old adage…  
  8. Grapefruit: I love grapefruit. It’s another of my favorites of the 14 simple foods. My only complaint is that the season is too short. Some friends send me the best and juiciest Texas grapefruit every year. Mouthwatering. 
  9. Leafy Greens: Spinach is my favorite leafy green, but salads are great, too. I buy the large containers of organic, pre-washed salad. It’s quick and easy. I often top salad off with seeds and greek yogurt rather than salad dressing.
  10. Broccoli: This is one of the only cooked veggies I can get my daughter to eat regularly. Broccoli goes great with with rice dishes and works good as a side to meats.
  11. Carrots: Perfect for healthy snacks and lunches. I buy the baby carrots and eat some most every day. 
  12. Yogurt: Make sure you get the good stuff, not the candy. I use Greek yogurt like sour cream. It goes with many foods. We also love Brown Cow Creamy Top yogurt. 
  13. Eggs: An alternative to oatmeal and cold cereal, eggs are quick and easy. We get the cage-free, organic eggs. Eggs are actually very nutritious. 
  14. Olive Oil: The last but not least on my list of 14 simple foods. I use extra-virgin olive oil liberally for cooking. It adds flavor and it’s good for your heart. 

There are many other healthy items you could add to this list. I included these 14 simple foods because they’re all easy to find, easy to stock and easy to prepare. They’re also all reasonably priced.

The Best Foods Are Single-Ingredient Foods

Did you notice that most everything on this list has no ingredients but the food itself? I challenge you to stock healthy, whole foods in your kitchen. I challenge you to start eating more healthy today. I”ll get started by continuing to stock these 14 simple foods for better health in my kitchen. Mmm, good.

Here’s a little slide show about the 14 Simple Foods. Feel free to share with others.

14 Simple Foods for Better Health from Dan Erickson

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