Living in Small Spaces: Step Five – The Squeeze

So we’ve talked about minimizing your material stuff.  Don’t stop.  It’s a good practice to consider each thing you possess regularly, and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”  If the answer is no, let it go.  It’s also a good practice to stop and think before you buy something in the first place.  But let’s assume you’ve downsized and minimized as much as possible.  Now what?  You still have too much stuff to fit into your smaller space.  So begins the fun part: The Squeeze.

Squeezing things into a smaller space does not equal more clutter and less living space.  On the contrary, it equals creative thinking and more space, more freedom.  Rearrange what you have.  Try different arrangements, creative solutions.  Stack things.  Put things back to back or side by side.  Make use of corner space, space underneath beds and dressers.  Make use of shelves. closets and built-ins.  The solutions are unlimited.

The next five articles of this series will explore specific tricks you can use to rearrange your home and your life to create more space.

Dan Erickson
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