25 Links To Hip Diggs’ Favorite Blogs

Like links? Here are some good ones! Hip Diggs isn’t the only simple-living blog in the world. There are hundreds of blogs about simple living and minimalism on the Internet. Hip Diggs would like to tip our hat to 25 of our favorite blogs. They’re not all simple living blogs, but I think they’re all great blogs! I hope you check out these links and visit often!

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered and followed a lot of blogs. Some of these links will take you to blogs that I’ve followed since the beginning of my blogging journey, nearly five years ago. Some links will take you to blogs I’ve recently discovered.

The majority of these blogs are about minimalism and simple living, but I threw in a few of my favorites on tiny houses, writing, and entrepreneurship as well. Enjoy the following links:

25 Links

Zen Habits

Becoming Minimalist

The Minimalists


Be More With Less

No Sidebar

The Minimalist Vegan


The Simple Dollar

Tiny House Swoon

Sell All Your Stuff

Apartment Therapy

Kimanzi Constable

Simply Clearly

Ahh, The Simple Life

The Minimalist Baker

Promise Or Pay

Jon Stolpe: Stretched

Slow Your Home

Minimal Millennial

Break The Twitch

The Tiny House

Life Edited

Miss Minimalist

Marc and Angel


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