5 Reasons I Prefer Apartment Living Over Homeownership

We’ve been in our new apartment for about six weeks now. That’s long enough to make some evaluations as to why I’ll likely choose apartment living over homeownership for some time to come.

Before I touch on 5 specific reasons why I prefer apartment living, I want to reiterate what moving back into an apartment has done for me. Making this recent move gave me the ability to live less expensively and pay off 100% of my old debt. That’s big stuff! But now onto five solid reasons to rent instead of own:

Apartments Over Homeownership

  1. Freedom: This is the biggest perk of apartment living. In fact the rest of the items on the list really piggyback on this idea of freedom. Certainly, I’m not absolutely free. I have a landlord and rent to pay, but I can leave for weeks, even months at a time, and not have much to worry about. As a homeowner that is still possible, but much more difficult to do.
  2. Simplicity: Renting has also helped to reduce both work and expense. I’ve already discovered a few quirks about this apartment. I called maintenance and they’ve already been dealt with. In fact, a brand-new microwave was installed while we were on vacation. There is also no yard work, so keeping up around the place is much easier.
  3. Time: Of course with less work and less problems you get more time. I haven’t really felt this yet, but I know I will. We’ve been so busy moving and getting settled in that we’ve still been racing around some. But once the new school year starts and we get back into a routine, there will be a bunch of extra time for me to work on writing and music.
  4. Money: Although I’m paying about the same for this place as I did my house, I’ve eliminated a lot of debt. I’ve also eliminated a few recurring bills like water, sewer, and garbage. This has freed up a little money which allows for more travel and fun. And to think, if I were to downsize more in the future? I might even be able to consider retiring early. It’s a goal.
  5. Love: I love it. And the fact that I do love it makes my life better. This allows me to be in a better mood. I’m happier and healthier. I’ll be able to share more positive emotions with others. I’d also be ready to move for love if the right relationship were to present itself.

The Downside to Apartment Living

Not everything is perfect. I do have a few complaints. But none of them are major, and some could be resolved. Here are my top three problems with apartment living:

  1. Noise: Our new place is above a hair salon. It’s relatively quiet, but sometimes during business hours things can pick up a little and we can hear a little noise through the floor. But outside of business hours this place is quieter than our house was.
  2. The dog: I love our dog, Shep. But apartment living with a dog can be more difficult. I can’t just let him out. I have to walk him 3-5 times a day. Granted, the walks are good for me, but this could get a little old in the dead of winter. We also have to spend more money on kenneling and grooming as apartment dwellers with a pet.
  3. Laundry: Our apartment has a washer and dryer hookup. However, it’s for a stackable unit only. I hope to buy something used in the near future, but used stackable units are harder to find. In the meantime, it’s the laundromat.

That’s about it. I’m sure I’ll discover more pros and cons as time goes by. Perhaps, I’ll do one final post on the topic before I phase out Hip Diggs. Another perk that I might address in a future post is the topic of financial investing after selling my house. But remember, all of my future blog posts will be moving to danerickson.net soon.

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