Would You Leave A Big Mess If You Were To Die Today?

What if you were to die today? How much stuff would you leave behind. How much unfinished business would your next of kin have to deal with? Would you have a bunch of unpaid bills? Will you leave a big mess?

Our own death might seem like a dark subject, but there’s good reason to think about it. First, it’s inevitable. And the longer we live, the greater our odds. Second, impending death can motivate us to take action.

Dealing With The Big Mess Of Others

When you die, someone has to deal with the stuff you leave behind. My dad died in 2010. He lived alone in a small apartment. He didn’t care much for stuff. Dad didn’t have outstanding debt when he died. My siblings and I were able to take care of his estate quickly.

My mom’s estate is a little different. Although it’s still relatively small and simple, there will be more to take care of when the time comes.

What if you were to die today? How much of a big mess would you leave for your family? I know I’d leave more stuff and debt behind than I’d want them to have to deal with. I still have a three-bedroom house, a mortgage, a car loan, and more. Someone would have to tie up all the loose ends. 

Hopefully, I’ve still got some good years ahead of me. God willing, I’ll have time to downsize more and become debt-free before my time comes.

Considering Our Own Demise Can Motivate Change

Want to know a secret about productivity? Many people who create great ideas and products are wrestling with their own mortality. Knowing our time is finite can push us to accomplish more.

Authors have a story to tell before they die. Composers want to write their masterpiece before death comes knocking. Inventors feel the need to invent another great product for humankind before they go. Death motivates us to get more done and to live more fully.

It’s no exception with minimalism. Considering the big mess we could leave behind can motivate us to get rid of stuff now. Knowing you can’t take it with you is a good argument for not accumulating in the first place.

When was the last time you thought about preparing for your own demise? I encourage you to spend a little time contemplating what you want to do with your life before you die. Do want to live in a houseful of clutter? Or do you want to live for something greater? Do you want to leave a big mess for your family to clean up? Or do you want to make it easier for everyone by living more simply?

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