5 Active Cures For Writer’s Block

I write. Do you? Hip Diggs isn’t a blog about writing, but since writing is something I do, I like to include an occasional post about writing or blogging. If you get writer’s block, I have an easy cure. Writer’s block is a mental block and the cure is simple. Get physical.

You’ve been there. You stare at the page and don’t know what to write. You have writer’s block. Not really. In fact, I don’t believe in writer’s block.

What If Writer’s Block Isn’t Really Real?

The term writer’s block originally referred to an extended psychological condition. It’s also a fairly recent phenomenon. Perhaps it’s all in your head. I acknowledge that there are times when writing does not come as easy as you’d like. But I wouldn’t give those moments more power by calling them a block. Fortunately, even when you get stuck, there are ways to get things flowing again.

Got Writer’s Block? Get Active

Don’t worry, you won’t need a pill, a drink, or a shot. In fact, what you might need could also keep you from needing more visits to the doctor. These recommendations for overcoming writer’s block all have to do with getting off your butt and away from your desk.

  1. Take a walk: Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise. You don’t need special equipment. You can do it almost anywhere in almost any attire. You get an added bonus of being able to take in your surroundings. You have time to think. Give it a try.
  2. Ride a bike: You move a little faster on a bike. You may not get to observe as much, but you can meditate while you ride. Sometimes we just need a little time to work our writing out in our head before we put the words on paper.
  3. Get aerobicLet go. Dance. Do some Zumba. Swim. Do some yoga. Anything that includes aerobic or meditative exercise can help clear your mind. You can return to your writing refreshed.
  4. Lift weightsWhy not build some muscle while you work out your story? Light weightlifting is good for you and like other forms of exercise, it can allow you time to think.
  5. Play: If you have kids or pets, take a break from your writing and play. Simple play lightens our spirits and gives us a variety of perspective.

It’s Really That Simple

The bottom line here is to get active. We all have short bouts of time when the words don’t come easily. Often we’re just trying too hard, thinking too much. Stop. Get up. Get active. You’ll be surprised at how much more clearly the words will come.

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