Buying Stuff On Black Friday Won’t Bring Happiness

The sales are on. People are rushing to get the deals. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year. Are you going to join the masses? If so, who are you buying for? Why are you buying? Half of all Black Friday shoppers are shopping for themselves. Buying stuff will not bring happiness. 


Are you rushing out to get in on the deals of the season? Are you buying to please yourself? Nearly 50% of Americans are. Do you think stuff will bring happiness? Think again.

Buying Stuff Does Not Bring Happiness

There have been many studies about money and happiness. It’s true that money can make our lives better. It’s true that money can make us feel more satisfied with ourselves and our place in this world. But it’s not the stuff that matters.

Studies have found that you are happiest when you use your money to help others. It’s simple. Buying positive experiences that helps others beats buying stuff. When it comes to money and happiness, happiness comes not in the getting, but in the giving. Happiness is found in the simple tasks of doing things for others.

In my free book, The Happiness of Simple: Making Connections Between Happiness, Simplicity & ProductivityI teach a valuable lesson. Happiness is found in the simple things.

Great musicians do not seek happiness in the instrument. They find happiness in the making and playing of music. Great artists do not find happiness in their paints and their brushes. They find joy in the act of creating great works of art.

Buying stuff does not increase their happiness. It’s in the doing. They are creating works for others to enjoy. This brings satisfaction.

Consider These Simple Thoughts

  • Happiness is in the raking, not the rake.
  • Happiness is in the learning, not the book.
  • Happiness is in the writing, not the MacBook Air.
  • Happiness is in the drinking of the coffee, not the cup.
  • Happiness is in the doing and completing of tasks, not the tools. 

Buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff does not bring happiness. It only adds debt and stress to your life.

It’s okay to buy a few gifts this Christmas. You might even buy something for yourself, but keep these things in mind:

  • Focus on needs rather than wants.
  • Consider your budget and set a limit.
  • Don’t overspend.
  • Consider shopping online to save gas and reduce stress.
  • Keep your purchases simple.

You don’t have to buy expensive and extravagant items to make others happy. It’s the small, thoughtful gifts that people need that are most appreciated. Stop and think. Don’t buy more than you need for yourself or others.

This has been a friendly holiday reminder from Hip Diggs. 


James Ewen
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