Clean Space Creates A Relaxing Place

When we keep our surroundings free of clutter, we create a relaxing atmosphere. It only takes a few minutes each day. Take a moment to neaten your surroundings. A clean space creates a calm place.

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Something wonderful happens when you keep your living space clean. It creates a relaxing atmosphere. I spent a few hours cleaning over the weekend and I feel much more relaxed. Every couple weeks I do a deep cleaning. Both the process and the result help relieve stress.

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In today’s world we often find our lives cluttered. Our schedules are packed. Our jobs are demanding. Our kids need rides. It’s busy clutter. That clutter leads to stress.

We can control the atmosphere in our home. We can clean, organize and remove clutter. Removing the physical clutter begins the process of removing mental and emotional clutter. Start today.

Do you need to slow down? Release stress? Relaxation begins with a clean space. A clean space leads to a calming place. A calm place lets you breathe.

Ideas For Creating A Relaxing, Clean Space

  1. Space: This is the number one rule. Don’t put too many furnishings in any one room. My dining room simply has a table and four chairs. My bedroom, a bed and a dresser. My yard is landscaped very sparsely. Open space creates mental clarity. A clean space sets our mind free. 
  2. Simplicity: Only keep what you truly need. I thought I had to fill every space in my home. I discovered many unneeded items. I gave things away. I opened up the space in my home. My life become more organized and less complicated. 
  3. Soothing colors: White is beautiful. White creates space. White is clean. My bedroom is decorated in white and some brown for contrast. My office: white desk and white shelves. Earth tones and shades of greens and blues are peaceful and calming.
  4. Light: Natural lighting is best. Keep your window coverings open during the day. Use soft lighting in the evening.

Clean Space Gives You Room To Breathe

I have discovered that deep breathing is key to relaxation. Too often we become so caught up in the daily grind, we forget to focus on our breathing. It becomes shallow. We don’t get the oxygen we need. When we concentrate on our breath and breathe deeply, we relax.

When you create a clean space, it’s easier to breathe deeply. Clutter creates feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Removing the clutter creates feelings of peace and tranquility. Peace and tranquility allow you to relax and focus on breathing.

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