Conversation Is Coming To Hip Diggs

In order to get more people thinking about simple living and minimalism, we need to keep the conversation going. Starting in January, 2016, the conversation is coming to Hip Diggs.

You might wonder why I’ve had the comments closed at Hip Diggs. It’s simple. I’ve spent the last year honing my writing and concentrating on my craft. I wanted to get a great base of articles on simple living, minimalism, and related topics before I started the conversation. I think we’re ready

Get More Involved

I think it’s important that we talk about ways to live with less. I think it’s important that we talk about ways to help heal ourselves and our environment. I think we need to work together to share the message of minimalism and simple living with the world. That’s why Hip Diggs will be starting the conversation in 2016.

Comments Coming January 1st

If you’ve enjoyed reading the articles at Hip Diggs, I hope you’ll become part of the conversation. When we talk about things that are important to us, we can create lasting change. Will you join the conversation? 

Dan Erickson


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