How Simple Living Led To Writing A Trilogy

I’ve been promoting the simple-living cause for several years now. Don’t worry, it’s not a cult. Living with less can help you save money. Simple living can help you focus on the important things in life, like God, family, and friends. Minimalism can help you become more productive. In fact, simple living led to my writing a trilogy.

I don’t promote my fictional works at Hip Diggs very often. This site is dedicated primarily to simple living. You can learn more about my creative works at my other blog: The Creative Side

If you’ve followed Hip Diggs for awhile, you might know that I was the child victim of a cult. A few years ago, I decided that it might be therapeutic to tell my story. So in 2012, I wrote a fictionalized version: A Train Called Forgiveness. One thing led to another and in 2013, I wrote a second book: At The Crossing Of Justice And Mercy. Now I’m glad to say that I recently completed the trilogy with: The Track To Redemption.

Simple Living Gives Me More Time

Sometimes people ask me how I make the time to write. After all, I’m a full-time college instructor and a single dad. How can I find time to blog, write books, and make music. It’s simple. I live minimally.

Years ago, I decided to make a point to keep life simple. This means I have a modest-sized home and an economic car. It means I’m aware of what I buy and limit my personal belongings. It also means I’m aware of where I put my time and energy. So rather than watching TV and wasting hours of time on video games and social media, I choose to be productive. Simple living has allowed me to write a trilogy. I’d like to share it with you today.

Introducing The Cult Trilogy

Book One: A Train Called Forgiveness

A Train Called Forgiveness is based on a true story. Andy Burden was the child victim of a religious-based cult. In his mid twenties, ten years after he was able to escape from the cult, Andy starts to suffer from an undiagnosed case of paranoid schizophrenia. He begins a journey both physical and psychological. Traveling across country by train, Andy recalls and comes to terms with his past. He learns to forgive and discovers truth through an unusual array of characters he meets along the way.

Book 2: At The Crossing Of Justice And Mercy

At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy is Dan Erickson’s second novel. It’s a story about making a choice between taking justice into our own hands or acting merciful toward our enemies. Nearly three decades have passed since Andy Burden forgave his greatest enemy, the cult leader of his youth, Peter Smith. Andy has since married, divorced, and is now a single father. But an email from Andy’s brother, Simon, sets a mystery into motion. Peter Smith may have faked his own death. Andy wants to know if Peter Smith is still alive. If the former cult leader is still alive, is he harming others, as he harmed Andy? Join Andy and a cast of memorable characters on an adventure to find Peter Smith.

Book Three: The Track To Redemption

The Track to Redemption is Dan Erickson’s third novel, and the third book of The Cult Trilogy. It’s a story about the power of grace and redemption. You’ve heard Andy Burden’s stroies of cult leader, Peter Smith. In The Track to Redemption, Peter Smith gets the chance to tell his own version of the story. As Peter shares the harrowing story of his own childhood, he’s vistied by a mysterious charater named J. Something begins to change in Peter’s perspective. Meanwhile, Andy Burden runs into his own troubles. A small group of Andy’s friends set out to help. The Track To Redemption is an action-packed adventure with a positive message.

Simple Living Leads To A More Productive Life

The message is simple. Living with less leads to getting more done. For me, it’s led to writing The Cult Trilogy. It’s also given me time to create several musical recording projects and to write a handful of ebooks on simple living. Check out my books and music page for my complete works.

The books from The Cult Trilogy are all available at Amazon in Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook formats. By supporting my writing, you help to support Hip Diggs. I think you’ll really like the stories, too. They’re raw, captivating and full of truth and adventure. Will you consider supporting Hip Diggs by buying The Cult Trilogy today?

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