5 Reasons To Keep Your Sense Of Curiosity

Have you ever noticed how curious kids are? They always want to know how things work. They endlessly ask you why you do what you do. They have a healthy sense of curiosity. Have you also noticed that many people begin to lose their sense of curiosity as they get older? 

Stay Curious, Stay Young

I’ve always been interested in a variety of subjects. Sometimes, this can get me into a little trouble. But overall, having a sense of curiosity and a passion to understand things more deeply is a healthy trait. Sadly, many people lose their sense of curiosity. 

The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity.    – Albert Einstein

Curiosity is not only a healthy trait, it’s a common trait among geniuses. Who doesn’t want to be more of a genius, right? Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and many other great minds have been known to be curious individuals. So don’t stop being curious.

Reasons To Keep Your Sense Of Curiosity

  1. It keeps you young at heart: Do you want to end up old and boring? Do you want to spend your days doing the same things over and over? We begin to die when life loses its zeal. Kids are curious creatures. I believe we’re meant to keep that curiosity, but our modern culture has a way of beating it out of us. Don’t let that happen. Remain curious and stay young at heart.
  2. It keeps your mind active: When you’re always interested in new ideas, your mind stays active. If you just repeat the same tasks and never reach beyond your comfort zone, your mind becomes passive. Studies have shown that dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease settle in more often and earlier when people are not as mentally active.
  3. It makes you more observant to new ideas: I’m a creative type. That creativity stems from curiosity. I love to walk. When I walk, I love to look around in wonder. When I travel, I make a point to visit new places and learn new things. In music, I continually enjoy learning to play new instruments and listening to new styles of music. This healthy sense of curiosity makes my mind a magnet for new ideas.
  4. It keeps you learning: I loved school. In fact, I loved it so much that I became a college professor. A good sense of curiosity keeps you learning. You might want to know how to make something. Google it. Learn. Act on your curiosity. I originally became interested minimalism and tiny homes because I was curious. Recently, I bought a book about raising bonsai trees because I’m curious. Stay curious and keep learning.
  5. It makes you more sexy: Let’s face it, curious people usually have a broad range of likes and activities. They’re usually smarter than the average Joe. A good sense of curiosity can make a person mysterious or intriguing. Sexy is not just about peoples’ bodies. Many people are attracted to others because they have great minds. If you want to be sexier, get curious.

Ways To Develop A Greater Sense Of Curiosity

  • Always ask questions.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Be willing to reach beyond your limits.
  • Don’t label things.
  • Travel often.
  • See learning as fun and adventurous.
  • Read a diversity of material.
  • Try new things.

Don’t become an old bore. Stay young at heart. Keep you sense of curiosity. If you already feel like you’ve lost it, there’s hope. All you have to do is begin to redevelop it. Start today. Make a decision to learn about something new. Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been. Read about a topic you’ve never researched. It’s never too late to start being curious.

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