Dad: A True Minimalist Long Before It Was A Thing

Today would have been my dad’s 83rd birthday. He passed away in 2010. I never recognized it growing up, but my dad never cared too much for stuff. He was a minimalist long before it was a thing.

Okay, my dad wasn’t ever really a “minimalist,” as we know it today. But he lived as simply as anyone I have known. When he died, he was living in a small one-bedroom apartment with just his basic needs. He was happy. And his estate was easy to deal with.  

My Dad Was A Great Example At Keeping Life Simple

My father was a decent man. He did get our family into a cult, but I’ve long forgiven him for that mistake. One thing I learned from him was a sense of simplicity. Not only did he live simply at home, he had a very cool temperament and he taught me to keep an even keel about things. 

When we were growing up, we had the things we needed and a little more. Once us kids were all on our own, dad began to live very simply. He and my mom had divorced. He was content living in small spaces with just the bare necessities. Other than a ham radio and a few books, dad didn’t have anything he didn’t absolutely need.

I learned a lot from my dad, not just about simple living, but also about God, human nature, and wisdom. I’m thankful for that education.

In Memory…

I miss dad and wish he could have lived to see his granddaughter grow older. But life deals us our hand and we need to make our peace with that. Still, the lessons he taught me about love and living simply will always remain.

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