The Power Of Daily Writing Toward Making Positive Change

If you want to focus on change in your life, daily writing is a powerful tool. Writing can help to guide you through change and keep you more committed through the process. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or become a minimalist, write about your journey.

I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking that you’re no good at writing or that you’d never share your writing. That’s okay. You don’t have to be Shakespeare and you don’t have to start blogging. Just spend 10 minutes doing daily writing.

Start Daily Writing With A Purpose

I’ve discovered a lot about myself through writing for Hip Diggs. This blog is really for me first. Not in a selfish way, but the whole thing started with one blog post committing myself to a journey into simple living. It’s about change. Hip Diggs has a purpose.

Find a purpose for your daily writing. Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Log your own simple living journey
  • Write to become a better writer
  • Prepare a plan of action for a business
  • Write about your spiritual journey
  • Keep a log of your family’s growth
  • Write to help yourself through a hardship
  • Keep a log of your diet and exercise program
  • Practice poetry

Sometimes the purpose may not be clear at the start. Often I write simply to practice writing. Something amazing happens: purpose develops.

Create A Daily Writing Schedule

The best way to make a new habit stick is to do it daily. I believe the best time to write is in the morning. It’s not a rule, but I find that when I write in the mornings, I’m more likely to get my daily writing done. But I don’t stick to a strict regimen. I have a day job and a kid, so scheduled writing can be challenging.

As a college instructor, I get summer mornings off. I do 70% of my annual writing during the summers. I get up each morning and spend two or three hours writing. During the school year, I write in the evenings for shorter durations.  

Enough about me. You should create a schedule that works for you. We’re not talking about writing a blog or a book. You don’t have to write 1000 words a day. Just find a short block of time, 10-20 minutes, to set aside for daily writing.

What You’ll Gain From Writing Every Day

  1. Your writing skills will improve: If you write daily, you’ll become a better writer. It’s just like any other habit. In time, you might even decide to publish some of your writing.
  2. You’ll learn more about yourself: Self-discovery is my favorite part of writing. When I wrote my first novel, A Train Called ForgivenessI discovered a lot about myself. I had to look deep into my past. This forced me to be brutally honest about myself and my relationship with others.
  3. You’ll foster positive change in your life: Writing for Hip Diggs has helped me to spend more time contemplating and acting upon living more simply. When you write about your desires, dreams, and goals, you can’t help but reach a few.

Your Turn To Write

  • Set a time to start.
  • Write, even if you don’t know what to write. Just write something.
  • Make it a daily commitment.
  • Reap the rewards.

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