Dealing With the Busyness Dilemma

As we get settled into our new place, it still feels like life is still too busy, too chaotic, and never quite complete. How do we deal with the busyness dilemma? I sure hope this changes and we begin to feel more settled soon. After all, this was one of the primary reasons for the move. To simplify.

Moving Requires Running Around

When I think back to my 20s and 30s, when I lived in travel trailers and studio apartments, life was so flipping simple. A move took a few days. I keep hoping that I can find that kind of simplicity again one day. And although this recent move might be a step in that direction, life still feels too busy. Consider the stuff you have to do when you move:

  • Pack loads of boxes (in our case about 30-40)
  • Move all of your belongings
  • Unpack loads of boxes
  • Get rid of bags of trash
  • Donate boxes of unwanted stuff
  • Call businesses to change your address
  • Get services like electricity and Internet
  • Shop for new furnishings (ours were very old and worn)
  • Wait for deliveries

This list just touches the surface. There’s much more. Add other life needs like food, education, work, and medical needs, and it feels like life the busyness never ends.

Slow Down and Pace Yourself

If you’ve ever felt similar to what I’ve been feeling the last few weeks, there is a simple solution. Slow down your mind.

  1. Busyness is mental: We are only as busy as we tell ourselves. Yes, I have a crapton of work to do as we make this move. But the more I tell myself I’m busy, the busier I’m going to feel.
  2. Slow down: I’m one who likes to feel settled. This means that I attempt to get a lot done quickly when I make a move. I want everything to feel like I’m settled. But with each move I’ve made in life, I’ve realized that it’s impossible to be settled in quickly. With this move, I’ve purposely spread the settling-in process out.
  3. Know it will end: With any major change, it’s not going to last forever. I might feel like a chicken with my head cut off today, but that will slow down and this current busyness will end.
  4. Keep your vision: This apartment is not my end goal. It’s a step toward my end goal. Yes, that means I’ll have to go through this process another time or two, but with each change, I will be downsizing even more.

The Busyness Dilemma Is Real

This feeling of being too busy is real. For me, it has a lot to do with being a single parent. Even so, I know it can be slowed down. But I’ve noticed something…

Almost everybody seems too busy these days. Something has fundamentally changed in our culture in the last 20 years. I think it has a lot to do with technology. But somewhere along the way, our lives have become busier than they have ever been in the past. It seems like where we once had five needs, we now have ten. We’ve added more to our plates. We’ve doubled the amount of services we need. That’s one thing I’ve tried to minimize in this move.

Before this move my electronic bill pay app included about 12 different accounts. I’m really happy to say that it’s currently at four accounts. It’s a start.

It’s not easy. I still feel too busy. But I’m working through it. I encourage you to consider your own needs, your own schedules. Try to reduce busyness. You’ll feel happier and healthier when you do.

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