You Deserve Less So That You Can Have More


Recently, someone told me that I deserve my 3-bedroom home, my newish car, and my middle-class lifestyle. They told me that I’ve worked hard for it and therefore I deserve it. But what if I actually deserve less?

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you deserve.” I think there’s truth in that saying. But we might also be looking at things entirely the wrong way.

I’ve Worked Hard, So I Deserve Less

That sounds funny, doesn’t it? But think about it. When we accumulate more stuff, we also create more time commitments, financial responsibilities, and household chores. We fill our schedules and homes up with appointments and material possessions because we’ve earned this lifestyle. We deserve it. Well, yes, maybe we do.

And here’s what else we deserve:

We earned it. We worked hard to get what we deserve. But what if we really deserve much less? I believe we do. So why don’t we start thinking like we do?

Here’s What I Think I Deserve

  1. Enough to satisfy my family’s needs: I really don’t need more than the basic necessities: a small home, reliable transportation, some simple furnishings, and adequate food and clothing.  
  2. The things that truly make me happy: I’m a musician. Writing, playing, and recording music truly make me happy. I also exercise. Walking, running, and biking all lead to less stress and more happiness. 
  3. The tools for my work: As a blogger I need some basic tools for work. A computer and an Internet connection are the two basics.  
  4. More freedom: I deserve to be less busy. By downsizing and sticking to the basics, I can gain more freedom. I’ll have more time to spend with the ones I love. I’ll have more time to practice the things that bring me true happiness. I deserve less so that I can have more.

A New Way Of Looking At The World  

I’d like to challenge you to change your mindset. Stop believing the old, false American Dream. That mindset would tell you that you deserve more because you work hard.

Instead, believe you deserve less so that you can enjoy life. When you live simply, you’ll find more freedom. Less work, less stress, less frustration all sounds good to me. And that’s worth a lot more than the stuff that complicates life.

Stop thinking you deserve more. That will only lead to paying more bills. It will lead to being more busy. Start believing you deserve less instead.

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