Digitize Your Collections And Save Space


Hip Diggs promotes listening to music and reading books. They’re both creative and intelligent ways to spend your time. But rather than owning stacks of books and hundreds of CDs, you could digitize your collections.

I used to own nearly 1000 books and 1000 CDs. Now I’ve got less than 100 of each. Honestly, I’m not big on digitizing. I just got rid of the excess. Still, I have bought mostly ebooks over the last few years, and I always digitize my own musical recordings.

Digitize Music, Movies, Books, Photos, And More

My goal is to reduce my collections to little to nothing. Still, I might digitize a few of my most favorite CDs. Think of the advantages to digitizing:

  1. You’ll save space: You won’t need that bookcase anymore. You can give away your old CD tower. All you’ll need is a small external hard drive. 
  2. You can travel with your favorites: You can store thousands of songs on one digital device. That’s a lot of music for the road. You could carry a few movies and books on a simple thumb drive, too. 
  3. It makes moving easier: I’ve moved too many times. Books, CDs, and DVDs are heavy. I used to lug about 15 or 20 boxes of media around each time I moved. When you digitize your collections, you’ll lighten your load by hundreds of pounds.
  4. You can live smaller: My ultimate goal is to live in a space half the size of my current house. Digitizing collections makes living small more possible.

Here’s What Other Minimalists Are Saying

Some questions to ask yourself to see if you need to digitize:

  1. Do you need extra physical storage? Many people have so many books, music, and movies that they need extra storage space. If you have to pay to store your excess stuff, it might be time to digitize.
  2. Do you want to make more space? If your house is messy and cluttered, digitizing can help to create more space. Once you have digital files of your entertainment, you can let go of the hard copies.
  3. Are you technologically inclined? Creating digital files of all your old collections might not be your thing if you struggle with technology. If that’s the case, I’d suggest thinning your physical collections to your absolute favorites.

Digitize Or Downsize Your Collections: Start Today!

Whether you digitize all your media or simply downsize your collections, you’ll create more space. Space creates peace. I encourage you to start minimizing your media collections today.

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