5 Reasons To Join The Discussion At Hip Diggs

On New Year’s Day, I opened up the discussion at Hip Diggs. I believe that discussion is an important prerequisite to change. Change is what Hip Diggs is about. I started this blog as a personal simple-living blog. Now I’d like to invite you to join me.

I started my intentional simple-living journey about ten years ago. I started documenting it in October, 2014. My first post, Take The 10 Step Challenge To Simple Living, was a challenge to myself to live more simply. I invited you to join me then, but I spent the next 15 months developing my own thoughts about simple living before opening the discussion.

5 Reasons To Join The Discussion

  1. Discussion creates community: If we really want to promote a large-scale change toward simple living, we need to build a greater community. When we discuss our experiences, we become more committed to helping one another on this journey. That’s the kind of community I’d like to see at Hip Diggs.
  2. Discussion fosters change: When we support each other through conversation, we motivate one another to change. Discussion creates accountability. I’d like to see people being supportive of each other in our simple-living journeys. Will you become an inspiration to others by joining the discussion?   
  3. I’m not the authority: I’ve noticed that some minimalist bloggers consider themselves absolute authorities. Their rhetoric begins to sound cocky and condescending. I’m not an authority on simple living. I’m simply on a journey. You may have more knowledge than I do. I’d love to get your input.
  4. Your stories are important: The stories we tell each other are important. We can learn from the experiences of others. I want to learn about your experiences. I’d like to see you sharing your stories with one another. Will you join in the conversation?   
  5. Discussion motivates new content: I’m a writer. I’m always looking for new ideas for engaging content. Thoughtful conversation about simple living will certainly spur new ideas for the blog. I want to know what you’re thinking about and what you’d like to see on Hip Diggs.

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