Why Worry Is A Waste Of Time

Have you ever struggled with worry? It can be overwhelming. Worry is like rocking in a rocking chair to get to your destination. It doesn’t work. No matter how fast you rock, you stay in one place. We can begin to make progress when we let go of worry. Don’t worry. Be happy. Worry is a waste of time.


Today’s post comes from my ebook, Get Back To Where You Are: Finding Yourself In The Present Moment.

Worry Is A Waste Of Time

If dreams distract you from reality, worry twists reality into something it is not.

I have struggled with worry in my life. Worry is hard to avoid: 

  • You worry about your job.
  • You worry about your health. 
  • You worry about your finances. 
  • You worry about your relationships.
  • You worry about your loved ones.
  • You worry about your life. 

What Does All This Worry Accomplish?

Nothing. It only keeps you from accomplishing whatever it is you were meant to do on this Earth.

An empty boat on the river has no reason to worry. It can only go where the river takes it. What is the worst that could happen?

The boat might come upon a powerful waterfall and get sucked over the edge. The boat might be smashed into smithereens at the bottom of that waterfall. Would worry have changed this outcome? And what of the outcome? Is it bad? 

Remember, at the start of this book, I said that: 

“In and of itself, drift is neither good nor bad. The problem lies in where you drift and how you react to your present situation.”

In life, we sometimes drift over waterfalls. Sometimes, it’s due to our own stupidity or lack of navigational skills. Other times, it due to another’s stupidity or lack of navigational skills. Still, other times, it’s just bad luck.  

No matter the reason, what do you do when you find yourself broken at the bottom of a waterfall? Do you worry? At this point worry seems moot. 

If you spend time worrying in the aftermath of disaster, you will never recover. You may grieve over your loss, but you must move on. Your boat may continue on its journey, even in many pieces. Is that bad? No. That allows you to have broader vision and to serve more people.

Brokenness Is A Part Of Life

When you are broken, you can become a better person, a greater communicator. You have an important story to tell. If you worry about being broken, you are not present. You are drifting, but not aware.  

  • Worry will not help you to pass the test.
  • Worry will not help to solve problems.
  • Worry will not help you to succeed.
  • Worry will not stop sickness.
  • Worry will not stop death. 

On the contrary, when you worry:

  • You are more likely to fail the test.
  • You are less likely to solve problems.
  • You are less likely to succeed.
  • You are more likely to get sick.
  • You will die in any case.  

Why Worry?

Worry is a lot like dreaming. It’s something that distracts you from the present. When you are distracted from the present you are unable to see where you are going. You lack vision.   

Don’t worry. Let the river lead you. Watch closely and be prepared. If you worry about the coming waterfall, you will not be prepared to fall with it.  

Problem: You spend too much time worrying about things that are out of your control. If you worry about the vehicle that will run a red light, you are less likely to see it coming because you are consumed by worry.

Solution: Focus on the things that you are able to see clearly. Be present, always observing your surroundings. This way you might see the car and react quickly. You might save more lives than your own.

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