This is it. It’s my last regular post at Hip Diggs. That might take some of you by surprise. But if you’ve been paying attention, you probably knew it was coming. I’m downshifting. 

Over the past year, I’ve been recreating my original blog, Long before Hip Diggs, I blogged as Dan Erickson. When I started Hip Diggs, my original blog became a side project. But it’s time for me to focus on Dan Erickson, the writer. 

I’ve loved blogging about simple living and minimalism. I’ll always practice living simply. And I’ll always have a minimalist mindset. That’s just one part of who I am. But I’m more than a minimalist. I’m more than a label.

I tried to keep Hip Diggs going with some help from guest writers, but I didn’t receive enough interest. Although a few people submitted articles, and I truly appreciate their input, it wasn’t enough to keep things going. My bottom-line reasoning for downshifting is to do less, one of the basic tenants of minimalism.

I’m Downshifting

I’m not giving up on minimalism, it’s simply that I have bigger dreams and goals than minimalism can support. For me, minimalism is not the end. It’s part of the means to something more important, something greater than myself.

My goal is to motivate others to do more than just get rid of stuff and live in small spaces. I want to help people reach their goals. I want to help others gain the ability and the desire to serve others.

I’m downshifting here so that I can do a little less overall, but also so that I can take a greater role in other projects.  

Hip Diggs Becomes The Side Project

And so the journey has reached a turning point. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into Hip Diggs. I’m not going to shut it down. I’ll keep the blog live as a continual resource for anyone trying to live a simpler life. I’ll probably still post occasionally, but not on as regular of a basis. My primary focus will be on other projects right now. 

I want to thank you all for continuing to follow and support Hip Diggs over the past few years. I’ve learned a lot about minimalism and writing along the way. Now, I invite you to continue the journey over at I’m taking the next step. You’re always welcome to come along.

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