Drive Safe: 4 Ways To Keep Your Car Distraction Free

I know some minimalists don’t have cars. That’s okay. But for those of you who do, I encourage you to drive undistracted and stay safe. Distracted driving is responsible for up to 16% of all fatal crashes in the U.S.

I Went Through Most My 20s Without A Car

It started because I wrecked my car and couldn’t afford another one. Then I started riding a bicycle. A bike became my major mode of transportation. I still love cycling.

Times changed. I went back to college, moved across country a few times, and had a kid. A car became one of those necessary evils in my world. Who am I kidding? I actually like to drive, but I also like to be safe on the road.

The Federal Government estimates that at least 5000 people die each year due to distracted driving. That sucks. What really sucks is that many of those deaths could be avoided. If you live simple, chances are you drive safe. Still, it’s a topic worthy of discussion.

4 Ways To Keep Your Car Distraction Free

  1. No physical clutter in the car: Have you ever nearly lost control of your car because something was rolling around on the seat or the floor? When I was in high school, I drove into a ditch because I was distracted by some books sliding around on my passenger seat. Physical clutter in a car can lead to dangerous situations. Keep your car clean. Put the stuff you’re hauling  in the back. Remove anything in the car after each drive. Less clutter will make your car more safe.
  2. No mental clutter in the car: I know that this is not always possible, but in general, it’s best not to drive when you’re emotionally distraught. If you’re overwhelmed with something, perhaps you’re angry or sad, it’s best to refrain from driving if possible. How many red lights have you accidentally run when you were emotionally distracted or mentally tired? One red light is one too many. 
  3. No technological clutter in the car: I know you don’t need another lecture on texting and driving, so I won’t take long here. Don’t be stupid. Don’t text and drive. Period. I can proudly say that I’ve never texted while driving. That said, phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, and any other technological clutter should be kept off and unused when you drive. 
  4. Keep your mind on one thing: Today, multitasking has become the norm. Driving in itself is already a complicated task. Don’t distract yourself by adding more tasks. That means no eating, no reading, (yes, I’ve seen it), no applying makeup, or anything else that takes your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Don’t drive distracted. Drive safe.

Drive Safe

Part of simple living is keeping your space clean. Keeping your space clean while you drive undistracted could be the difference between life and death. Don’t drive distracted. It could save a life.

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