Exercise In A 350 Square-Foot Studio Apartment

When I was in college I lived in a studio apartment. It was small, but that didn’t stop me from getting exercise. There are several kinds of exercise that are compatible with living in small spaces.

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Living in studio apartments, travel trailers or tiny houses should never be an excuse to not exercise. No matter where you live, you always have the great outdoors. It doesn’t take huge pieces of equipment to exercise. Jumprope, resistance bands, dumbbells, yoga mats, and fitness balls only take a small space to use and store.

Don’t make a lack of space into an excuse. Use your space wisely. Use the great outdoors where you are free to breathe. Buy a few small exercise essentials for indoors. Here are some ideas for exercise in small places:

Simple Exercise Is Compatible With Small Living

  1. Walk: Before we had bicycles, skis, and Bowflex machines, we had two feet. Walking is the oldest and simplest form of exercise and it takes up no space. Start walking regularly for better health. 
  2. Run: Once you’ve walked for a few weeks, you may want to try out running. All you need are some sweats and a good pair of running shoes. I’ve been an on-again-off-again runner for years. Make sure to stretch. 
  3. Bike: Biking is one of my favorite forms of exercise. In the past, I’ve used bikes as my primary form of transportation. I hope to do that again as my daughter gets older.
  4. Jump rope: Don’t let it fool you. For such a small piece of equipment, the jumprope is one of the best forms of exercise for cardio and weight control. You can buy a jumprope for $10 or less. 
  5. Dumbbells: You don’t need a weight room to lift weights. I have a few sets of dumbbells ranging from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. They only take up a small space in corner or a closet.
  6. Resistance: After going to physical therapy for some back issues, I discovered that resistance bands are a very effective form of exercise. The bands are simple and small. They can add to any exercise routine.
  7. Stretching: No equipment needed here. A yoga mat is optional. Make sure to start slow. Over stretching can pull muscles. 
  8. Balls: Exercise balls and medicine balls are great for small spaces and they help with balance and posture.
  9. Bo staff: I have often used a staff as an exercise tool. Check out this youtube video about the staff.

Small Space Is No Excuse

Do you exercise regularly? If not, what’s stopping you? If you want better health, start today by simply walking. Take part in the Hip Diggs 10 Step Challenge To Simple Living. You’ll learn tactics to unclutter, relax, eat right, commit less, do more, exercise, bond with your family and much more.

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