Gain Simple Confidence Through Nonverbal Behaviors

If you’re like most of us, you’ve struggled with confidence at times. But what if I could teach you how to gain simple confidence in just a few minutes a day? Would you give it a try? It’s as easy as changing a few nonverbal behaviors.

I’m a communication instructor. I’ve done my share of studies on nonverbal communication. We tell a lot about ourselves through our body language. Not only do we tell others how we feel, we tell ourselves how we feel. There are some simple steps you can take to gain more confidence through power gestures.

You Can Gain More Confidence In Three Simple Steps

  1. Evaluate your current body language: What does your body language look like? Do you often slump your shoulders? Do you cross your arms or hold them close to your body? Have you ever wrung your hands or massaged your neck during a stressful event such as a presentation? These gestures are all low confidence gestures. They communicate anxiety and negative feelings. But there are many nonverbal behaviors that will help you gain more confidence. 
  2. Practice gestures that defy gravity or mark territory: It takes extra energy to defy gravity. Holding your head high or raising your arms above your head takes effort. Even a simple thumbs up is gravity defying. Along with gravity-defying nonverbal communication, territorial gestures display confidence and power. Generally, the wider our stance, the more territory we claim. Gestures such as hands on the hips or hands cradling the back of your head are territorial in nature.  
  3. Spend two minutes a day gaining confidence: Studies have shown that simply practicing power gestures for two minutes a day will help you gain confidence. Check out this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy. Practicing powerful body language actually increases your testosterone and lowers your cortisol. This helps you to gain confidence and reduce stress. That’s a powerful combination.

Are You Ready To Gain More Confidence?

If you want to feel and appear happier and more positive, take two minutes right now to practice a few power gestures. For examples, click here. You’ll be able to gain more confidence by simply practicing positive body language for a couple of minutes each day.

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