5 Ways To Give Love This Christmas Season

Material gift giving is okay within some given limits. Still, a better gift is simply to give love. This year, I encourage you to give love instead of stuff you buy from a store.

Each year, the Christmas season comes around and the majority of Americans do the same things over again. We spend hundreds of dollars on decorations. We spend hundreds more on store-bought gifts. We spend more on food and entertainment. Sometimes, we spend money we don’t really have. It’s crazy. Then we huddle in our houses with our families and a few close friends and have a celebration. 

Meanwhile, our neighbors down the street have nothing because of illness or unemployment. Homeless people beg for a dollar, shivering from the cold. Older people struggle to keep their homes warm and clean.

Will You Give Love This Season?

There are many ways that you can share the giving spirit of Christmas with those who are less fortunate than you. Make a point to give love this year.

  1. Physically help your hurting friend or neighbor: If you know someone who is struggling financially or medically, help them out with work around the house. Rake leaves, shovel snow, walk their dog, or take out their trash. You might even help them by offering transportation to the doctor or the store. Don’t just assume someone else will help. Be the one who gives love.
  2. Make a hot meal for a needy family: Think of how you’d feel if you couldn’t afford a Christmas dinner. It doesn’t have to be big and extravagant, but you could make a simple Christmas meal for a family in need. Or you could invite someone who is spending the holidays alone to eat with your family. Just give love. 
  3. Share your talents at a senior-living center: Do you play a musical instrument? Do you sing? You can light up the faces of dozens of seniors by sharing your talents with them. I’ve done this several times over the years and I always feel blessed by the experience. Just contact your local senior-living facility and tell them you’d like to help. They’ll be glad to find a way for you to get involved. 
  4. Pay a bill for someone in need: If you know someone who is struggling to make ends meet, why not pay one of their bills? You could also help by donating to funds that help the needy. The power company in my region has a program where I can pay a little extra to help those who can’t pay their power bill throughout the winter. 
  5. Support a charity for the homeless: Can you imagine being homeless for Christmas? I don’t think it would be too fun. Try to put yourself in their shoes. There are plenty of homeless shelters and food banks where you can donate time, food, or money. When you give of yourself, you give love.

Be The Light And  Help Change The World

Don’t keep repeating the same things year after year. Stop buying more than you need and start giving your love by supporting those who are less fortunate.

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