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Hip Diggs is a relatively new site. Although the site officially started in January, 2014, it wasn’t until October, 2014, that we found our new look and feel. I wasn’t going to do a “best of” post, but it’s been a busy few months, so let’s recap.

If you’re new here, you might wonder what the heck Hip Diggs is? We’re a site about simple living and minimalism.

Humble Beginnings

Let me explain: This site was originally going to be about “tiny houses.” My plan was to build a tiny house and document it along the way. The name, Hip Diggs, seemed to fit that idea in an abstract way. Who knows, maybe that day will still come.

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

Life is funny and things don’t always go as planned. I bought a home last October. It’s a little big for a self-proclaimed minimalist. I have a nine-year-old daughter. We moved from a 650 square-foot rental to a 1200-square-foot, 1950’s home. To get something smaller in my town, my daughter and I would be living in the hood.

Plan-B was to make Hip Diggs a site about new home ownership and home improvement. Well, I can only afford so many projects in a given year, so that idea faltered.

The New Hip Diggs

In October, Hip Diggs as you know it, was born. I’ve practiced simple living all of my life. I’ve lived in small spaces most of my life. I’ve discovered how simple living leads to happiness and productivity. I’ve experienced everything that I write about at Hip Diggs. It’s an honest project, even if the name’s a little funny.

I was surprised at the immediate response when I changed the look and feel at Hip Diggs. Views went from practically 0 to over 100 most days. It all started in mid-October with this post: Take The 10 Step Challenge To Simple Living.

Due to some appreciated retweets from Michael Hyatt, Bruce Van Horn, and Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists, The 10 Step Challenge is actually not the number one post. I’m not complaining, just explaining:

Hip Diggs Top-10 Posts Of 2014

What’s In Store For The Future?

First, I want to say thank you to those who have helped Hip Diggs off to a quick start. A community cannot be built alone. Your support is key.

Expect more great posts from Hip Diggs in 2105. I love the topic and I’m not going to stop writing about minimalism. I believe the answers to many of our problems in life come in the form of simple living. Will you join me on this simple living journey?

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Dan Erikson is the passionate voice behind Hip Diggs, where he explores the art of living simply and intentionally. With a keen eye for minimalism and its profound impact on our lives, Dan delves into topics ranging from decluttering spaces to decluttering the mind. Drawing from personal experiences and a deep appreciation for the minimalist ethos, he offers readers practical insights and actionable steps to embrace a more meaningful, clutter-free life. When he's not penning down his thoughts on Hip Diggs, Dan enjoys the serenity of nature, reading, and exploring the nuances of simple living in a complex world.

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