International Minimalism: Just A Little Less

The majority of Hip Diggs’ visitors come from the United States, but I’ve noticed an international trend toward minimalism, too. About 10-20% of my visitors come from England, Australia, Canada, and many European countries. In fact, a few months ago, Hip Diggs got a little boost from a site called Just A Little Less from the UK.

Minimalism Is Gaining Momentum Worldwide

It pleases me to see that minimalism has gained an international voice. I haven’t done much world traveling. So I’m not familiar with the cultures of many other places in the world. My guess is that America is probably one of the most consumer-driven cultures in the world. In any case, it’s good to see sites like Just A Little Less promoting minimalism in the UK.

If you’re a blogger, you know the rush you get when you wake up to see that you had a huge spike in readership. It’s especially cool when it’s an international audience. That happened to me a few months back thanks to Claire over at Just A Little Less Blogspot. Claire had included one of my posts in her Happy Friday Links

Just A Little Less: Minimalism In The UK

Claire has been posting over at Just A Little Less for years. Her Happy Friday Links connect readers to a great mix of articles on simple living and minimalism. Here’s what Claire has to say about her blog:

I’m Claire, a forty something year old, married with two teenage boys. I live in Staffordshire, UK. I’ve been reading blogs for the last three years after first becoming interested in minimalism and simple living. 

My blog celebrates the simple pleasures in life like nature, home cooking and family time. Here you’ll find glimpses into other people’s minimalist homes and tips on saving money. I love stylish interiors and clothes but on a budget and I try and buy ethically and second hand where possible.

Now don’t get confused I’m not an EXTREME minimalist (I still have cupboards to sort out) but I am gradually simplifying my life and know that acquiring less means that I value what I have more.

I’m thankful for bloggers like Claire. Not just because they bring traffic to Hip Diggs, but because together we are spreading the message of minimalism and simple living around the world. Claire is helping to give minimalism an international voice. I hope I can return the favor.

Be A Part Of International Minimalism

I encourage you to seek out a variety of sites about minimalism. But don’t just study simple living according to your own culture. Go outside your borders. Seek to learn about minimalism from a variety of perspectives. You can help make minimalism an international movement.

If you’ve never been to Just A Little Less, I encourage you to visit today. Make sure to take a look at the archives. There are several years worth of great articles on simple living. 

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